New Game to play and Learn the Usage of Tenses in English

TIP -a Game to Learn Tenses without Translation support

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Thanks for the feedback of 75-100 people who played this Game; we are pleased to release it this week from our new center at Sector 2. I Request your inputs and feedback on this game in the feedback process/form. We have included this game as under

The Game will be played at T.r.i.c.k.s Center: following all the and under the watch-full eyes of games co-ordinator Nisha or Myself.

Basic Students must play it with 32 cards for 5 days;

Get-selected or Intermediate students 10 days with the full deck of 52 cards ….

Objective is to Make the sentence ASAP and score maximum BINGOs! with the right usage of right tense.

Come and have fun to play the Game ‘time it perfect!’



Want Vs NEED

Want Vs NEED

@ T.r.i.c.k.s Learn English Center; WE give you all that you NEED to Learn the Skills to Speak in English… 1) Great Content + 2) Safe Environment + 3) Certified Trainers -to hold your hand and point out the errors as you start to speak… What more do you Want?

Adverbs to indicate Frquency…

Adverbs to indicate Frquency...

for usage and practice

Happy Holi to all

Happy Holi to all

I am what I am and… that’s what “I am”

a funny yet serious description of self

Ashish@work on this Blog and Developing a Business out of T.r.i.c.k.s – Learning Center in NOIDA sector 15.

How many times have you heard the quote…”I am what I am”

I heard it the first time from ‘Popeye-the sailor’ (it was my college days) and then from another seriously funny person ‘Charlie Chaplin’ and yet again from ‘Stevie Wonder’…. Now, thanks to Google, As I search for it I see that many more people (who have been famous for being themselves) have spoken these often repeated words. Everyone has said them in his own way and in their own context…. expressing the uniqueness of his being. In this post I will try to describe myself in a funny manner…so “I am what I am… and that’s what I am”

I also suggest that students of ‘Go Global’ should have a slightly lighter introduction of themselves. If there is a bit of sublime humor in it and people give a social smile OR people like me ‘Laugh Out Loud’ (LOL)  OR some begin to take it as their own description and say “Me too”. It is a success 🙂

I will take a couple of days to write. Enjoy what ‘one liners’ the famous people named above and many more have said. Do visit the website Brainy Quotes: my favourite to pick the valuable words spoken by people who have “been there done that” besides being themselves!