Can Speak in 75 days?

“How much time does it take to Speak in English?”

Ashish at home officeHi I’m Ashish, My answer to question how much time it takes to be fluent in Spoken English: “First, it depends on what is your current level and What you want to do with your English. To become an English news reader or Radio-Jockey can be difficult in 3 months, also depends on for how long can you remain motivated”  100s of My students have, Got good jobs in MNCs, gone abroad to USA, Canada, UK or Australia. Many have cleared IELTS with 7 + Band score well within 3 months. Do feel free to ask for Student’s Testimonials instead of a Free DEMO!

However, The GOOD News is: If you can understand what is written here; Learning to Speak well-enough such that you clear the ‘communication round’ of any interview is quite possible in 2-3 months. Learning is assured by Me personally, after we do a small assessment to understand your current level – we share this outcome with you and place you at the right level in a right batch AND We do offer one-to-one consultation/career coaching.

Our personal time/rate is Rs. 1,000/hour for consultation and career advice so please be clear with your questions when you meet the trainers/carrer coach. Your Time is equally value-able! 

After Regesteration, you need to regularly attend the classes do come on time or else inform in advance, In the class you understand new grammar, sentence structure or understand and use the ‘new words’ and phrases in your sentences in English and practice your grammar and pronunciation with us in the group activities or you may need to do some self-practice in the English L@b.

We do a lot of activities, group discussions and role-plays almost everyday!
Come! Be in an English Environment and Participate in Activities to “LEARN to Speak in ENGLISH”, build your confidence to speak in every situation with Ease & Comfort. In short, with Better English, you permanently improve your fluency and conversation skills : Build Better Image, be a global citizen and achieve Success in Life.

anyquestions_600x300 You may ask as many questions on conversation or communication skills include Thinking, Listening, Speaking and Non-verbal elements like Body-language and use of hand plus facial expressions. These are much needed skills in the Industry and we do all our class discussions in English. You Develop your Personality along with Learning English!

I Invite you to Visit this Blog everyday for a daily update or to Submit the Sentences you make as a part of your ‘home assignments; You will always gain some useful information on: Fluency, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Conversations and How you learn. You may also visit ‘about us’ page or see ‘why this blog’ under about-us. The blog is easy to navigate….use search if you want to. For example, you may read posts in this Section on Hestitation Removal or SpeakFluently if you wish to get enough confidence to Speak with Fluency in English (Spoken English as some of you may call it) . You may need to carry out meaningful conversations in professional or social situations.

First of all, let us explore what it takes to be skillful in carrying out conversations in English or attain communication skills you need to get a good job. Some questions that we explore in detail:

  • How do you get Inspired or Motivated to Learn a new Language such as English?
  • What is Fluency, it’s definitely not same as fast speech, Do you agree with me?
  • What are the essential things you need to Learn in Grammar?
  • What are easy ways to learn them?
  • What is the least minimum that we have to practice?
  • How do role-plays help you as a method of practice?

In this Blog, I will answer these question from my personal experience of being a certified trainer of English Conversations and Spoken English. I have been speaking in English for over 28 years and have been a communication skills trainer for around 12 years. I have trained 1000s of people on ‘how to speak’ well and carry out great conversations or public speaking. I am not sure if I would qualify to be called as an expert on English Language  We do keep some post-graduates and some people with Phd. in English in our Team – I don’t wish to be a Grammar Nazi or a Nerd.

My Expertise are: Creativity, Enterprenureship, Trainer, Carreer Coach, Blog writer and a Conversationist. I understand ‘how our mind learns a second language’ such as English and how we to use it for better conversations. It’s important that the right meaning should be conveyed. I am an expert on Knowledge and Skill transfer and like to share my thoughts and ideas Or T.r.i.c.k.s – as you may call them.

I will only prescribe the MUST HAVEs in the Language Class so that you learn fast and life becomes easier for you… for more detailed discussion you should meet me ‘one-to-one’ and pay the consultation charges.


3 thoughts on “Can Speak in 75 days?

    • Thanks ei… You may write to me directly. the email id is ‘ashish at’ : Do state your back-ground and the problem areas. I at this stage focus on conversational English or the Spoken part of the language.

      We do have a few students/content writers who seek weekly guidance to write well.

      look forward to hear from you ‘ei’ or speak to our counselor Ms Ashima on 08860050157.



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