Just ‘Spoken’ or Really LEARN to SPEAK Fluent English?

Do you wish to ‘Learn to Speak in English’ with ease and attain Fluency?   We ask this question from over 100 people we meet every month at “T.r.i.c.k.s -Learn English Center”  We get ‘YES’ as an answer. We get the following answers to our Next question: What are you here for? or What do you need from our Trainer?

  • “I am here for SPOKEN English Classes”
  • “I want to speak in English, gain confidence to speak it in public”
  • “I want an easy and proven method – a learning with fun environment to practice my communication skills”
  • “I wish to be fluent and improve my communication skills in 2 or 3 months”
  • “I have a lot of hesitation when I speak” 
  • “I want to speak  as I speak Hindi or my first language – with ease”
  • “I need a Demo Class”

Or “I know my English, I just need some safe environment where I can do more practice with good speakers like me” With someone to tell me what i can do better. (very few who are here for the Advanced Program)

Some people even Say “I did a typical SPOKEN English program attended classes for 2 months and I am still not able to speak or make sentences…” 

This is FREE blog for our Students to share jokes, stories and comments on  ‘real life’ experiences at T.r.i.c.k.s Noida and learn from each other, Have fun as you LEARN…

Bannar Tricks4English Blog

This is a blog where you can read, comment, contribute, Ask as many questions and Learn English, Communication or conversation Skills and Fluency. You also develop your Personality – While it is discussion platform for our students/ex-students, we welcome any professional who cannot attend classes and wishes to LEARN on his own.

NO Need to Pay any FEE for using this Blog!         

Your motivation to Learn could come from:  requirement to qualify an Interview, grow in your existing job or to go abroad but the fact remains that English is the global language of Business. Fluent speakers of English have better communication skills and are more successful.


26 thoughts on “Just ‘Spoken’ or Really LEARN to SPEAK Fluent English?

  1. “Here are a few more tips which I would like to add over here. These are the tips which I learnt when I was studying at inlingua, New Delhi. Language learning is something that takes time. Here are a few tips by which you can learn English quickly:

    1. Be obsessive. You must be passionate and enthusiastic for learning English 
      2. Give in Massive Input: Follow a routine; watch/read news, listen to music, read a book, listen to radio etc.
      3. Make an English speaking friend.
      4. be positive and confident.”


  2. Sir I am not good at spoken English. Sir my language training institute inlingua New Delhi encourages me to speak more and more in English. I have had some progress with it. Is there a better way to speak English fluently quickly? Please help.


    • yes For adding new words to your vocabulary the inputs can be from English newspaper (if you read it with interest) or listening to live commentary (if you love cricket)… music helps after you start understanding the lyrics of the songs.

      I also suggest reading comics since the conversations are simpler and grammar is more understandable.

      thanks for you comments Shashwat… having fun is more important as you learn!


  3. T.r.i.c.k.s is a good coaching centre at Sector 2 Noida. English is an easy language as taught at T.r.i.c.k.s centre, because at the centre we build-up vocabulary and good confidence in English speaking without hesitation. Helps us build better personality development as well. Such a comprehensive program is provided only at t.r.i.c.k.s. centre in Noida.


  4. I came and talked to Mr. Khurana at Tricks When I came to Noida in April 2014. He is my Trainer for English. He always gives me good advice to learn English. He is sometimes happy with my progress and sometimes he shouts on me. When are you coming to Noida?…,. After you reach Noida, you can give me a call and I will give you the Address of T.r.i.c.k.s English Learning Center. We don’t use translations to teach English. As this makes it difficult for student to learn ‘how to make sentences in his/her own mind’. His method of teaching is good. We also have a language lab with 12 computers and a software, where we do unlimited practice. You can give me a call, whenever you want. I am a good student and can help you to take admission at the center. We can practice together and learn from the mistakes of each other. We will not make fun of each other as both of us are learning together…. Let’s Learn to speak in English with confidence & ease. (today I learned 5-6 new words, I will practice them make sentences and speak!)


    • Thanks Puja, You are welcome to Learn more..apply more..to speak more confidently. And yes, continue to read, listen, see and do practice to speak fluent English.

      Have a great festival of Vijaydashmi!


  5. Quite important things we have to keep in mind for conversation which gives us confidence and fluent english. This post is a tip to build confidence in u.


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