Beware!… Learn English and stay away from MLMs

Learn English particularly the ‘new people’ who come to a big city from small towns so that they don’t get duped by placement companies charging to register them, offers of work from home, member get member or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLMs)… they just want to make a fast buck on your contacts or ‘doing emotional selling’ on their behalf. This is Not real selling skills where products/services are exchanged for cash. I have lost money (in 1996 when I was new to Delhi) or my friends/Family members have lost much bigger amounts but thankfully I never lost a friend as I did not rope in anyone after I understood that such schemes are only Scams-where people at the Top of Pyramid make BIG money at the cost of people joining down below in the Chain!

Dubli Business Network – a scam or a ‘new’ way to make money?

 They promote it in the name ofeCommerce.I saw a presentation of Dubli by a (not so old but) close friend who has signed-up with ‘his hard earned money’ into the system of Making Money through Cash-back. I feel sorry for him because when I looked at it the first time, I felt that its genuine company with a good product (I even give him my identity to make me a VIP customer) … but ‘Now’ after doing my Homework and some research in how they have done in Europe and Australia (I am yet to get the reports from Middle East and US). I have not bought anything in the last 2 months.  I know this is going to end in a LOSS for people who don’t know how to sell or can even get the monkey off their back…while SMART people at the TOP will make a lot of money (will Lose some friends) until the government steps in and makes it illegal!

Here are just some of the reasons that come to mind that tell me that its not a long term business to be it:

• Traffic numbers to the core site are ‘still’ very low.
• Product offerings are extremely limited… they don’t wish to sell more products they wish to make more business associates… They only put leading brands.
• User experience ‘on the website’ is confusing… only jazzy pictures like a catalogue
• No ability to rate the buying experience on the site.
• Returns policy is hidden… it take over 1 hr. to understand ‘how the business operates’
• Dubli online reputation management is glaring with no real facts.
• The offering is a sick combination of MLM or Pyramid – it is not ecommerce.

This is not an online shopping mall it is a landing page or an  affiliate program to promote the business online or to promote ‘online commerce’ itself. With no real customers themselves… anticipating that the Business Associates will rope in real Customers.
People there are no free lunches! Let me put this in simple terms:
If something costs 500 and sells for 450 then somebody loses – end of story. I do understand about the points and credits system however think about this – When people lose they leave (you lose a friend too!). This is MLM at its worst.

Give me a call when you get any such deal which promises BIG returns!

As for the people at the top of the pyramid – they will make a lot of money and then will change their online identity or residential address!

This type of business muddies the water for legitimate online business… Let’s have some government legislation step-in in India too…. I have heard that the Amway India Head was caught in Bangalore. If anyone from Dubli or associated with it would like to politely debate my findings please feel free to post on this blog…. or give me call on 08860050157.

When you speak English or understand it, you don’t just sound smarter, you actually become SMART to understand what is the real story. Make better commercial decisions and are able to live based on your skills not ‘making fool of others’.


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