7 T.r.i.c.k.s -How to Speak Fluent English eBook- Kindle Edition


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Here is the complete book on How to speak fluently in English using FREE content (like this blog) . There is problem of plenty with anything that is available free and also there is no trust of the quality, the authors have reviewed what is Free as well as good for learner who understands English but wishes to speak fluently.

The most important part of the book is it makes English Easy as ABC- active vocabulary, basic grammar and clear pronunciation. The learner finds a perfect guide in this book- the voice of the experts and while following he will feel that it’s not like ‘walking on the egg-shells’. There are many  FUNDOO (fun-to-do) activities you could do on your own or with a partner (if you have one) and learn through them. Have fun as your play these games and Learn fluency!

The authors are game designers, public speakers and language trainers for many years. A quick look of the game TIP-Time it perfect! is included in this eBook. This ‘first of its kind’ game helps you learn the usages of English Tenses without any tension. There are many interesting more games in the book that’s full of pictures and illustrations; all of the activities have been tried and tested many times over.

Each of 7 T.r.i.c.k.s is very well chosen for ESL/EFL students and the complete methodology is explained in a conversational style- you may also listen using text-to-audio feature on your Kindle. The authors will very soon release the printed book in paper-back format with complete description of the game and cut-out flash cards to play it.

Please do share your feedback/comments on the eBook “7 T.r.i.c.k.s on How to speak Fluent English” here on this blog or directly on Amazon.


Goldie Angel/Ashish Khurana

PS: Print edition with the CD will take us around 2 more months as we are working on it. Everyone who gives a review/feedback will get a 20% discount coupon for the printed edition/CD… suggestions as chosen by the editors will get a complimentary copy of the BOOK signed by the Authors.



16 thoughts on “7 T.r.i.c.k.s -How to Speak Fluent English eBook- Kindle Edition

  1. Reading English books is one of the best ways to improve your English skills. It’s great that there are so many ways to find English texts to read online!

    If English learners are looking for an Excellent eBook they can buy on Amazon: 7 T.r.i.c.k.s on How to Speak FLUENT ENGLISH its by Goldie ANGEL and our trainer Ashish Khurana…. a lot of practical advice.

    There are many more ebooks that you would read and enjoy.


  2. Hello sir.i have a hesitation problem.I can’t speak in fromt of unknown people.I totally stuck mant times.During Interview I Face so many problems.evenif I know the answer of question I can’t tell because of this problem.


  3. Hello I am Rupesh from . Can you give me few minute?
    My company has introduced new product in the market. It a eductional card game.
    Okey . But sir ,can you give some suggestion about this card game after the demo.
    When do I come for demo?
    Where do i come for demo?
    Do you suggest the price of this game?
    And do you give your opion about this game.
    Can give me chance for demonof this game?
    After the demo.i sure you like this.
    Its good game for understand tenses.
    Do you mean this card game give better understanding than the book.
    Oh! Do you sure about this hame?
    Can you give some suggestion about the price of this game?
    Do you ask me suggestion for price of the game?
    Yes Ofcourse . In my suggestion you price of the game about Rs 350 to 500.
    On this price .can you buy this product?


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