The Art of Conversation

Active Discussion

Ability to hold an open dialogue or a good Conversation (in English – the language of Business) with your customer, boss or colleague is an ‘in-demand’ Skill. Our conversation experts call it ‘an Art’ as there is very little science involved. You need to master it to GROW in life… Market yourself better; Learn the Art of Conversation.

What you must have or need to LEARN?

  • Loads of Confidence that comes from command on the Language being spoken (English in most cases)
  • English Speaking Skills – framing right questions and answering them to the best of your Ability
  • Ability to understand and express emotions or feelings through verbal and non-verbal means
  • Relationship or emotional connect with the Person so that both express opinions openly
  • Need or motivation to solve a problem in hand or working on a common Goal

Here are some examples of Crucial Conversations that you may have to be part of as you GROW?

  • Job interview for key role or annual appraisal
  • Discussion on an important project involving decision on who can lead it
  • Client meeting, presentation or call with the decision maker or a person who can influence
  • Chance encounter with the BIG boss (in an elevator) or Small-talk on the sidelines of a conference

Look at each conversation as an opportunity knocking at your door and this may lead you towards new career avenues or start of new relationship; You undoubtedly develop new relationships through conversations.

Talk to us to understand ‘How you can learn the Art of Conversations?

After all, every relationship starts with a Conversation!