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171 thoughts on “General Discussions: Write anything you want to say in Public…

  1. hi friends i am vineet chauhan this is my first post, i am writing here

    can you drive a car. ?
    yes i can drive a car
    can i come ?
    yes you can come.
    can you fly in the sky. ?
    i can’t fly in the sky.
    can you fight. ?
    sorry i can’t fight.
    can you put this bag.?
    yes i can put
    can you can. ?
    yes i can


  2. Malik says :

    Adjective Describe Word
    Quantity : 1. Rupali at some of her rice.
    2. Ronak drank half of the soda.
    Possessive : 1. Is this your sweater.
    2. The students did their homework.
    Size : 1. She has two good little children.
    2. Sheela has a nice pet dog.
    Age : 1. She has two good little school-age children
    2. She has two good little toddles.
    Shape : 1. That is one squishy little old oval ball.
    2. It’s a round table.

    Describe personality with adjectives (Negative)
    1. Lazy : Arjun is very lazy. He realy gets out of bed before mid-afternoon.
    2. Selfish : Rakesh is very selfish. He never helps out with the house work.
    3. Aggressive : I don’t like aggressive people. I like people who are relaxed and calm.
    4. Boring : Monika is a bit boring. She never has any thing interesting to say.
    5. Introverted : Monika is quite introverted. She doesn’t really enjoy parties.

    Describe personality with adjectives (Positive)
    1. Funny : Rakesh is really funny. He is always entertaining us with jokes and stories.
    2. Brave : Rakesh is a coastguard. He is very brave. His job is to rescue people.
    3. Friendly : The people in my office are really friendly. I love working there.
    4. Generous : My parents are very generous. They bought me a car for my birthday.
    5. Hard-working : My brother is very hard-working. He hardly ever takes a day off.
    6. Honest : Rupali is very honest. She always tells the truth.
    7. Nice : My best friend Monika is a really nice person. She is always there for me.
    8. Polite : Ronak is a very polite boy. He always say please and thanks you.
    9. Tidy : My brother is very tidy. I’m the opposite. I’m really untidy.
    10. Ambitious : Rakesh is very ambitious. He is hoping to be promoted soon.



  3. 20 Positive ADJECTIVES that I are used by me to describe personality of a friend/relative etc.
    good,great,native,perfect,serious,intelligent,brave,bright,friendly,emotional,classy,flexible,reactive,adaptive,able,brilliant,charming,communicative,energetic,helpful,polite etc
    20 ADJECTIVEs that are USED in a NEGATIVE way.
    careless, cruel, sad, dishonest,foolish,irresponsible,rude,sarcastic,selfish,lazy,stupid,ruthless,aggressive,impatient,impolite,naughty,vulgar etc


    • I don’t like aggressive students.
      I like students who are calm.
      Nisha is very creative. She always comes up with new ideas.
      Mr. mallik is a very intelligent student.
      Shyam speaks sarcastic language and that is not liked by everyone
      Shyam has rude behaviour in the class and he is also very stupid.


  4. can you speak in English
    yes I can speak in English
    can I use your mobile for some times
    yes u can use it
    can u install window in my PC
    no I can not
    can u solve my question
    yes no problem
    can u repair my LED
    can u climb on tree
    yes I can do this
    can you clear C.A test in one time
    no I can not clear C.A test in one time
    can you lunch with me
    can u pick up me to Noida sec15 metro station
    yes I can pick up you
    can you live without me
    no I can not live without you


  5. Tell me about yourself?
    (The interviewer cares less about your answer to this question and more about the confidence, enthusiasm and passion with which you answer it.)

    Thanks for your interest to know about me.
    Again my name is Debraj Naik s/o Madan Naik and basically I am from Odisha. I have a small and happy family with my only younger brother who is a lawyer by profession. My father is a business man and mother is house wife. I believe my self therefor I am. I never loose my confidence in any circumstances ie personal or professional.

    My passion is: I respect my ideas and decision/s by which I can success my work. so, I don’t care people who are they?

    It is appreciated if any body correct my mistakes on the above lines/paragraphs.
    Thank you again.



    • Debraj here are some suggested improvements to your already well-written text:

      I’m Debraj Naik, my father Mr. Madan Naik is a Businessman. I am from Odisha. We are small and close knit family of … people. My only bother who is younger than me is a lawyer in city…..My mother is homemaker. I believe in myself and in my ability to take decisions. I have lots of confidence to try out new things professionally and personally.

      My Passion to to follow my own ideas and take my own decisions through which i could get success in my work/life. I don’t much care what people say behind my back but i am open to constructive criticism. I am responsible for my own life more than anyone else.

      You can give me a call or meet me for advice on your CV. Ashish


  6. First Day In Noida
    My first day in Noida was on June 23rd,2014. I came here from Panipat to do my summer training in Embedded system from Ducat, Noida. My morning started at 6.30 a.m. And around 9’o clock I left my P.G. to go into the institute. My class started on 9.45 a.m. After that class around 12’o clock I went to T.R.I.C.K.S institute and asked mam to arrange a demo class at 1.30 p.m. Then at 1.30 p.m. my class started and Monika mam gave me a demo class. I was fully satisfied with that class. Then I took admission in T.R.I.C.K.S and that was my first day in Noida.


  7. Last Sunday
    My last Sunday was very interesting. Start from the morning I prepared my bag to come to Noida. Than I went to my guardian who was coming with me to drop me to Noida. He said we couldn’t leave now, we will leave at noon. Then I came my home back. Around 3.30pm he called me and we left my home. Then took a bus from bus stand and started journey toward Delhi. Around 5.15 pm we reached i.s.b.t. Delhi. From there we boarded the metro to reached at metro station sec 15.
    Then we went to my P.G. and from there we went to Ducat sec 3 Noida, where we did the formalities of admission and then paid the fee. After that we again came back at my P.G. and around 8.15 pm I dropped him to metro station.and then I came back to my room. That’s I had done on last Sunday.


  8. Caged Bird’s Wish:

    I can’t remember who brought me here and kept me inside the cage. I can’t remember my parent also and where they are. But why I am inside the cage? People always give me food and water inside the cage. No one open the cage and tell me go out. I always see all the birds are freely fly here and there. Even they can fly as their wish. They are living, playing and flying together. But I can’t. I am alone. Even I don’t know “How to fly, Can I fly or not”. I usually try to fly but I can’t due to small space inside the cage. Others are really happy because their world is very big and every day they see so many places and so many things. Oh! God please help me to go outside once. Please send someone who opens the cage’s door so that I can fly freely and see new new places and eat different kind of stuff as my wish.
    But my owner and their family member love me lots. They take care about me. Every day they provide me food and water. Not only family member, other also talks with me. They teach me how to speak with human. I think other birds can’t speak with human but I can. But I don’t know how to speak with other birds. I want to go out for a single day just want to see and feel the others life. God! I promise to you that “I will be back to cage but please help me go out once”.


  9. Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    1- Do you have any Car.
    2- Do your work first
    3- Do you have any friend.
    4- Do you know what is that.
    5- Do you know this.
    6- Do you have Dinner in Night.
    7- Do you have any Flat.
    8- Do you think about him.
    9- Do you have motorcycle.
    10- Do you have any Pen.

    1- Don’t disturb me.
    2- Don’t use abusive language.
    3- I don’t have to eat banana.
    4- Don’t give me an Attitude, I have my Own.
    5- Don’t waste your time please.
    6- I don’t know who is he.
    7- Please don’t open the door.
    8- You don’t know who am I ?
    9- Don’t do this otherwise I punish you.
    10- Don’t drink Alcohol because its harmful to health.


  10. daily routine..
    I wake up at 7:30 a.m
    I freshen up and take bath till 8:15a.m.
    After that I get ready for coaching. I get ready till 9:00a.m.
    I leave my home at 9:05a.m
    I take auto to reach metro station (ncc).
    I board metro around 9:40a.m.
    By 9:55a.m I reach Noida sec-16.
    I reach tricks at 10:00a.m
    I go to my java class at noon.
    after class I reach home around 3:15.
    I have my lunch and take nap for 1.5 hrs.
    after that I study for around 2 3 hrs..
    I hang out with my friends till 8:00p.m.
    I do dinner at 8:10p.m.
    I surf after that and around 11p.m I go to sleep.

    questions on how many and how much
    how many friends are coming with you?
    how many burgers have you got?
    how much time will you take to reach here?
    how much sugar you take in one cup of coffee?
    how many times you have gone to cp?
    how many pens I have to buy for you?
    how many times will you commit the same mistake?
    how much time have you wasted in just wandering?
    how much does this pen costs?



  11. I have many books but I don’t have a dictionary.
    I have a computer but I don’t have a laptop.
    I don’t have any pictures of you.
    I don’t have to eat mangoes as I don’t like them.
    I have to drink milk everyday in the morning to stay fit.
    I have to go to the market in the evening to buy some vegetables.
    I have to drive your bike as my bike is not available.
    I don’t have to work in Calcutta, I can work in delhi
    Do you have to practice everyday to play good hockey


  12. you have a seat!
    I have a cup of tea in morning.
    please have a seat at this place. (note ‘Sit’ is a verb and ‘Seat’ is the object you sit on a noun)
    I have to eat dosa.
    you have bath today.
    please sit.
    Do you have a flat? (note the change to make it a question)
    I have many friends.
    I don’t have any car.
    do you have any friend in hcl.?
    I don’t have any friend in hcl.
    my brother has a android mobile. (has not have)
    do you have breakfast in morning?
    my friend has good communication skills. (has , no ‘a’)
    I don’t have any fraud friend like you.
    my friends don’t have attitude.
    archana has a beautiful smile. (has not have)
    I don’t have smile.
    Who has a car? (note the change)
    I don’t have laptop.
    I have laptop.
    you have much attitude.
    have you drink wine? (we will discuss)
    do you have any bike or vehicle?
    no I haven’t.
    I have a room in Noida.
    I don’t have any own flat in Noida.
    I have a graduate degree.
    I don’t have any extra knowledge such as hacking and cracking.
    I have many struggles in my life. (note the change)
    do you have any kind of sympathy?
    do you have a particular place where we can meet?
    I have glass of juice.
    my friend durgesh has a lot of money and can do all the expenses. (note the change after ‘and’ …)

    Vipin: this is overall good work but note a few small changes… you will learn to speak grammatically right English very soon. Just keep making more sentences your vocab is good. All the best!


  13. I usually have a tea in the morning.
    have it.
    Please take tea.
    please sit.
    please drink.
    I always get up at 6 o clock in the morning.
    please drive the car.
    I have to eat the food.
    You don’t have to drink the water.
    I have five friends.
    I have three children.
    Do you have any pen? (this is question)
    I don’t have a computer.
    I have learned English.
    I have one bag in the room.
    I have one mobile.
    Why do you have to drink.
    I have a pen.
    I have a new car.
    I have my home.
    Do you have a book? (again its a question)
    please have a sip.

    Rahul: you go for 100% correct sentence before you speak this is good sign that you are trying to understand… add words to your vocab. 5/day like ‘sip’ and looks like you have understood the difference between ‘have’ and ‘have to’. Try to understand the questions more and how they are spoken. all the best to you for the speaking practice today. Ashish


  14. Hi Sir/Ma,am,


    1- How many students in my batch?
    2- How many computers are in the Lab?
    3- How many sites are on the internet?
    4- How many headphones are in lab.?
    5- How many numbers I got in exam?
    6- How many States are in India?
    7- How many Cars are in Delhi?
    8- How many places are in NCR?
    9- How many functions you know in computer?
    10- How many hours you spent in the Lab?


    1- How much Knowledge do you have on this subject?
    2- How much sugar do you want?
    3- How much milk is in the dairy?
    4- How much water is in the sea?
    5- How much traffic is in Noida?
    6- How much Petrol consumption is in Delhi?
    7- How much Rain falls at a time? (‘a’ in place of one)
    8- How much Oxygen you take in a day? (‘a’ in place of one)
    9- How much Dust is in the Air? (use of ‘the’)
    10- How much pollution is there in Delhi?

    Hameed, good sentences all of them are questions to put question mark and practice the answers plus how to speak… all the best.


  15. i always thinks about my family. (subject singular so ‘s/es’ with the verb)
    my mother usually walks to work. (‘s/es’ again)
    my brother normally thinks about his family. (‘s/es’ to make the subject-verb agreement)
    I often go to there.
    my sister sometimes takes stress. (‘s/es’)
    I occasionallly wear casual dress.
    my family seldom thinks about me.
    I hardly ever become selfish.
    you rarely dance on the floor.
    you never think about me.
    my brother always respects me.
    my friend ghani never likes a girl.
    I always think about myself.
    I hardly ever tell a lie.
    raj seldom takes a cigarette (smoke). (use a noun not a verb… or say a smokes than ‘take’ is not needed)
    you occasionally wear kurta and pajama.
    I often study on Friday.
    I usually chat on facebook.
    vivek seldom opens his twitter account.
    I never become a cruel personality.

    Overall good usage, try to make all types of sentences i.e. negative (-ive) and questions (?) as well…. Pay attention on ‘s/es’ with verb when the subject is singular)


  16. Hello Sir,
    I want share My First Day in Delhi,
    I was working on a Delhi based Software company since 2007 but I came Delhi first time on Nov 2010. Usually I was working at client side for my company. When I reached at Delhi railway station that time I felt little bit proud and also I was little bit confused. I felt Proud because Delhi is our nation capital and I was standing at Capital city. Regarding Delhi I heard from my college friend and have seen some scenario in movies. Confused because I was totally new at this city and I did not have any pre-idea “where is available what”? and my Hindi was not so good. But When I exit from the railway station I saw a Delhi police prepaid taxi stand and I went there asked them to Meera Bag, Paschim Vihar(West Delhi). They advised me to book a prepaid taxi by Rs. 350 and will bring me the exact location. I booked a prepaid taxi for the same. Somehow taxi driver realized that I am new in the city and I don’t have any idea about the city, while we were going to my destination that time driver was explaining about the city, road, building and some important fact of that. I reached safely at my destination. I left that company long back and working for other company.


    • We will discuss this and you can speak about your first-time experience of delhi/Noida in the meet-up group. there are some minor mistakes of tenses but over-all its good not you can speak without any filler words. Someone counting for you the pauses/fillers or false-starts helps but in the end you have to do the corrections yourself… please try to listen and record the voice more and more it helps. Now that you are conscious of your mistakes is a progress in itself towards correct English… all the best for your next interview. Ashish


      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you so much for your suggestion. Definitely I will do that. But, if someone correct my mistakes, then from next time onward the same mistake will not repeat.



      • Hi Nirmal, yes that’s the way to learn but one type of mistake can be pointed out 3-4 times thereafter even you will get irritated and strangers don’t point the mistakes out only a trainer would… after your know the mistakes speak, record and listen again & again until the major errors are removed. You have loads of confidence, I don’t want to undermine that… keep-up the practice in the Language lab and learn correct English.

        Some of the grammatical mistakes are removed in the writing first and then they go away while you speak.

        All the best!


  17. Hello sir,
    I’m Muneshwar
    How many chairs are require ?
    How many fans are there in the room ?
    How many trees there are garden?
    How many experience is your profile ?
    How many teachers are there your institute?
    How much suger is sweet ?
    how much pollution are there in the delhi ?
    How many boys are play in team?
    How many computers are there ?
    How many days are in one month?
    How many months are in one year ?
    How many students likes fruits


  18. Hi friends I am harun Ansari
    I am telling about future 2015
    I know that India is a great country in world and our country according to the pollution second world class country in world and very good rules in our country and India is a great country many types of religion in live our country and many language usage in our country and many types colleges top qualities hospital and other institute and is there many types people like a hindu muslim Sikh and isai and many type rules many cost so India is a very different country in a other country.


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