Why blog?

Purpose of this Blog.

Modern communication technology: internet, mobile phone, social media and blogs have a promising future for any trainer/teacher since it leads to interactions and dialogues. You don’t get inspiration to ‘Learn a skill’ just by looking at an impressive advertisement – Oh! Come on! it is NOT a Chocolate that you eat and enjoy… You have to practice speaking to yourself  before you speak-up and to give unlimited practice time to our students, we have a Language L@b and run EnglishClub/Meet-up every Saturday 6pm onwardsThis additional reading on the blog is to give him/her new thoughts and keeps the student updated with various activities and facilities  at the center. The student understands the topic better and gets a ‘any-time’ ‘any-where’ method of preparation for the classes and with some prep work he/she can “speak-out” better in the class. The students don’t need to make Notes to cram them later: the word-lists and ‘what the teacher says’ are shared/available on this blog. The students will also learn to Read and Write (as they start commenting, asking questions or write a complete post). They also submit their Homework on this blog which is corrected by the Faculty.

We have a training center with Sm@rt and Interactive class-rooms and a Language L@b.  This BLOG is a great support for our Blended learning methodology (first time in NOIDA)  and students enjoy and comment on interesting material, interact with one another and share their LEARNING EXPERIENCE at the Center.  

We update this Blog almost everyday with new posts or correction/edits of the existing ones. We promise to answer ALL questions within 24 Hrs. In this section on Why this Blog?  you have the details of what is in it for an existing student and also for a new student. All are welcome to read the posts even if they are not a student with us. In due course of time, this blog may give us some popularity and would come-up on search engines as you visit us regularly – but ‘as you know’ the traffic has to be substantial before we can even think to monetize it!. WE don’t intend to put any Advertisements on this blog but still keep it Free for lifetime!

What can you do here?… Student or not (does not matter as long as what you write is meaningful)

You may ‘like’ any article i.e. press the like button or leave a comment, or share any article or ask a question on Learn English – posts; we love to discuss matters that are important to you. You may also come for a detailed assessment and counseling to our Center. (please schedule it in advance by giving us a call)

You may Follow-us if you wish to be notified on the ‘new posts’ by our experts or just want to stay updated on developing Conversation Skills,  English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency and How you Learn to Communicate better. You can use the navigation panel on top or use search (top right corner) key word. Posts are shown in reverse order – latest comes-up on the top under each section. There is search facility and most popular articles come-up on the top… there is whole lot of content and keeps on growing… thanks to your encouragement and contributions…

Use the Navigation Bar on top of the Blog...
Use the Navigation Bar on top of the Blog…

We do Group-discussions and Role-plays everyday in most of our batches – where we bring real-life issues and situations. If you wish to join the face-to-face dialogue as ‘a guest participant’ or wish to join a meet-up on a Saturday do notify our counselor by an email on: cm@tricksnoida.co.in

Ashish: the Author/Editor of this Blog

I am a Computer Science graduate of early 1990s -when we had no windows or internet – I did my project using Pascal language and our offices had Lotus 1-2-3 or Foxpro programs. I started working full-time in Sept. 1994.  Later, I have done my management studies at – IIFT and FMS-Delhi University – where I attended college as a part-time student along with my Management Job. I have learned by Business English ‘on the job’ and being exposed to different situations helped me. I really learned Communication thanks to my rather tough bosses from Oxford University and IIT-Rourkee. I started work in the field of MIS as a trainee and grew to be a General Manager- a consultant and a learning solutions architect.

I am a Communication Skills trainer certified for some global programs with experience of over 13 years as a corporate trainer and I am an English Speaker for over 28 years. I have been around the world, have communicated with people from many countries, have done presentations and public speaking in front of large and small audience. I have performed managerial, consultancy and training roles with some large corporates. I founded T.r.i.c.k.s in 2011. I am passionate about setting-up Learning Organisations ( I am BIG fan of Peter Senge). Through this blog, I am keen to develop learning community and help people ‘connect their dots’.

I write my posts using ‘easy to understand’ words (I try my level best not to use complicated words that readers like you could have trouble with), I give (relevant) examples from my experience, pictures or quotes as required (sometimes I may go overboard with examples and use many). I make it a point to give due credit for the creative talent – who created the image/graphics used in my posts. ( I promise to rectify the omissions if any and say sorry!)

Many Thanks! -Credits to people who help us create a post or help us publish it.

My Sincere thanks to many creative writers and visualizers who trigger my thoughts and give me the ideas or topics to write on. After I get the topic, it takes me couple of hours of dedicated time, to write a post on this Blog. As I love to converse with people who come to the center to meet me, I get some ideas. I do also get ideas from class-room discussions or outside the class-room chit-chat with the students, Thanks to all the people who have had great conversations with me. Thanks to my daughter Simran -she is a student of DPS school and gives me the idea sometimes on using poems or some books of fiction. I usually find time to write early in the morning before start of my classes at 7.30 am. I often I pick related material available on the web and link it with the post – thanks to people who have created great stuff.  Sometimes, I review a post with some of my students of the morning class before it is released for the larger audience. The students are often surprised to find me so early in the center, sometimes in my pajamas…. I am sorry folks! Some of my students are web-experts and help me with hyper-linking, alignment of graphics or text in html.  This is helpful to bring-out the posts – thanks people!

Dear Readers, do send me a mail if you find any error or omission… thanks in advance for your help and support!

“What is the benefit my writing to you as a student of T.r.i.c.k.s when you come everyday and listen to me say the same things? The Benefits of this Blog:

To You as a Registered Student?

As you start the program to Learn English:

You get all the information on Learning English with us at ‘one-place’, discover the approach that is good for you, read interesting stuff to understand your learning style and pick-up useful words, tips on how to make sentences and use expressions. Know in advance: what are the key areas we will address in the learning program, How are we different from others etc…some of the topics also trigger Activities like Describing the picture and some class/group discussions or activities/assignments are given through this blog. I suggest that you read some posts even before you start our ‘Speak in English’ class.

After you join our program:

Reading practice of simple English that talks about you is required for an min. of 30 min. a day so that you get the meanings of words. You can see the posts from anywhere in the Language L@b or at your home/office. To all my students, I suggest that they should try to read as much English as they can – even comics are fine. They could also share the posts to make more friends, comment or ask questions on the post itself, be more popular in and outside the class, helps you get the right ‘Learning Partner’.

If you get us a student, we give you Financial benefit of Rs. 500/- at the time of upgrade; Avail ‘student get student’ scholarship. 

Knowledge only increases by sharing it and you earn good karma! 

Benefit to Us at T.r.i.c.k.s? 

‘Word-of-mouth’ publicity which is most effective, faster  and free: We also don’t like to waste your hard-earned money (paid to us as fee) on Traditional Publicity: Hoardings/Banners that are removed by the municipality. Hand-bills or posters- wastes paper that becomes pollution and spoils the walls if pasted etc. You will see us less on the Physical Walls and more on the Facebook Walls… yes we do have a Facebook account as well. 

This blog came from suggestions made by many of my existing students. Some of them also created and managed our Facebook pages, we DO use them but as micro-blogging though more popular with young people has its limitation on usage of words and graphics…This Blog on ‘wordpress’ will remain our focal-point – as a regular student of learning English, You could visit us everyday as well as post your comments and do likes on our Facebook page.

In my view, you could do any or all of the following on this Blog that is created ‘just for you’….as it will also help you ‘Learn to Read and Write in English’. Maybe you could be a mature blogger yourself.

  • Follow the blog so that you get all the posts in your email or on your mobile device… you don’t need to create a wordspace account.
  • Read and comment on any of the Post – at least one new post every-day.
  • Ask a question from the Author -our communication experts on Learn English – we promise to answer it within 24 hrs.
  • Do discussions on a GD Topic-online as we do them in the English Class. I will create a dedicated discussion area whenever we have more followers.
  • Express your ideas on ‘How to Learn English’, “How you have learnt it”, “What has helped you”- it also motivates others.
  • Share useful information: Movies clips, word-list, most difficult interview question that you faced etc.. as you get contribution rights.
  • Volunteer to be an Author if you have time and motivation to write a complete post or manage English-Club, Movie-Club etc.
  • Read the Blog everyday for your reading English practice – there are 20+ Posts and growing everyday plus search facility.
  • Suggest a topic to the Author for writing a blog-post on.

How can you be more helpful to your fellow students?

If and as you read and like the Posts on this Blog, please email it to your friends and colleagues and whoever you think will benefit from this information on ‘How to speak in English with confidence & Ease’. Thanks to the ‘Traditional Publicity’ done by many companies, most people call it  ‘Spoken English!’. Some also ask for regional English American or British English…. We train people to be global citizen so Learn Global Englsih

You may use your existing social media contacts/accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.  to spread the word on us or start writing on this Blog. There is no need to create a new account, i can give you the contribution or editing rights.

Volunteer, if you wish to run a MovieClub or SaturdayClub or BookClub or VocabularyGroup to make more friends and expand your social/professional network or want to be a blogger yourself (some of my students are – they show me their blogs with pride!)

What more should you expect?

I will very-soon start posting Jokes, Cartoons and create Pages on:  GD Topics, Describing the picture, Connect the dots series, 2-words for our Active vocabulary everyday; Common mistakes done by us as Indians, idioms you could use, phrasal-verbs or expressions that are part of everyday English & where to use them….

Finally, I promise that: we will never share your personal details with anyone and promise not to Spam your Id. – you have the option to stop subscribing .

***** End of the Post  on Why this Blog********

Dear Students and Dear Readers of this blog: Please do point out if there is a mistake and/or omission of the credit in any of my posts.


7 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. Good evening sir,
    I Hope you will be fine.
    Sr i want introduce my self.
    I am Amit. I am a fashion designer in a export house in noida.
    my home town is in roorkee U.K. I did passed my fashion designing course from Mohali Punjab in 2013.
    I have 1 year experience in my field.
    I want become a good speak in English Language.So am trying at English tricks coaching centure & my home to speak and play your game with cards. along with grammar ninja game.
    So I hope earliest I can speak fluently in English.

    Thnx & regards,
    Amit Panwar


    • Dear Amit, most of what you write is fine so i encourage you to speak and some small errors will be corrected as you speak… you need to speak more and more and your mind will connect with the grammar/rules very soon. some corrections….

      1) did pass-out
      2) an year instead of 1 year
      3) want ‘to’ become a good speaker

      You will be able to speak better and sooner than you think if you believe in yourself… the card game has helped may people internalize the grammar!

      best regards


  2. Sir i want first hanks of you that the student/rearder can ask questions live of you. I am glad read this blog.
    Can a student speak in english without grammer perfect?


    • Good morning Rajendera, No need to thank as a student of T.r.i.c.k.s you have the right to ask ‘as many’ questions as you have… Knowledge is free, i only charge for the conversation Skills that you get as you Learn English with us!

      Yes, anyone can speak w/out perfect grammar… in fact nonone (including Barak Obama) has perfected the Grammar… You must LEARN and imbibe the Vital parts of grammar before you begin to Speak English as a Second Language.

      Hope this answers your question…. see/read my post on ‘I know enough grammar Do I still need to attend your Grammar class before I begin to speak’. There are a lot of examples. Have fun reading it!


  3. More than 5 sentences using quantity adjectives with ‘important’
    i) Education is much important for surviving in the city
    ii) money is very important for human beings.
    iii) practice is very important for good English speaking.
    iv) Break fast is more important for health than any other meal of the day
    v) personality is the most important for entertaining with the people(s).
    vi) Mobiles and telephones are the most important for telecommunication.

    (some corrections done by Ashish)


    • Savita: good that you are learning usage of simple adjectives and quantifiers with them… some important points corrected above.

      ‘More’ is a comparative form of ‘Many’ and ‘Much’; whereas ‘Most’ is superlative form of the same words ‘Many’ and ‘Much’. You may recall its:
      Many -> More -> Most
      Much -> More -> Most

      We will do comparatives in your next class today. Some simple rules are: 1) use of ‘than’ with ‘More’ and 2) use of ‘the’ with ‘Most’

      Avoid Peoples as People itself is Plural like Children, Men


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