GD Topic for Get Selected Students- what do we discuss today?

Its much important that you speak your mind to give a good impression.
Its much important that you speak your mind to give a good impression.

Fill the above contact form to give your suggestion for the Topic. The mail will go to Gaurav Goyal of Go Global for evening batch and Avinash Tripathi of Get Selected for the morning Batch….

Choose a topic in which everyone can participate and come prepared… All the best for a good discussions and learning!

The Notes on ‘How to make a good impression in a group discussion are in a separate post’


The Art of Conversation

Active Discussion

Ability to hold an open dialogue or a good Conversation (in English – the language of Business) with your customer, boss or colleague is an ‘in-demand’ Skill. Our conversation experts call it ‘an Art’ as there is very little science involved. You need to master it to GROW in life… Market yourself better; Learn the Art of Conversation.

What you must have or need to LEARN?

  • Loads of Confidence that comes from command on the Language being spoken (English in most cases)
  • English Speaking Skills – framing right questions and answering them to the best of your Ability
  • Ability to understand and express emotions or feelings through verbal and non-verbal means
  • Relationship or emotional connect with the Person so that both express opinions openly
  • Need or motivation to solve a problem in hand or working on a common Goal

Here are some examples of Crucial Conversations that you may have to be part of as you GROW?

  • Job interview for key role or annual appraisal
  • Discussion on an important project involving decision on who can lead it
  • Client meeting, presentation or call with the decision maker or a person who can influence
  • Chance encounter with the BIG boss (in an elevator) or Small-talk on the sidelines of a conference

Look at each conversation as an opportunity knocking at your door and this may lead you towards new career avenues or start of new relationship; You undoubtedly develop new relationships through conversations.

Talk to us to understand ‘How you can learn the Art of Conversations?

After all, every relationship starts with a Conversation!