Who are we?

T.r.i.c.k.s Learn English Center was Established in 2011 at NOIDA:

We have Shifted to: “C-46, Ground-Floor,  Sector- 2, NOIDA, Near Nirula’s. 

Walking distance from Sector-15 Metro Station. Call: 08860050157, or 0120-6515151 to Register for a DEMO class!


tricks-logo-sm 2

(T.r.i.c.k.s with the tag-line: Let’s Connect the Dots) is our Brand name for our Personality Development and English Language Learning Center. It’s a registered Trade Mark of M/s Lifelong Learning.

Click%20to%20visit%20our%20Website www.tricksnoida.co.in 

The 6 letters in the Acronym T.r.i.c.k.s represent our 6 areas of focus for your Personality & Image development as below:

Acro final_new
NOIDA Center is for ‘Conversational English‘ so that you can converse well both in formal and informal settings. We firmly believe: Conversation builds Relationship!

Our Team of Certified Trainers at T.r.i.c.k.s help you build right types of:  Thoughts (+ive) ; Ideas (practical)Relationships (meaningful); we have a great environment, interactive classrooms, language lab  and  expert trainers to conduct work-shops on Spoken English or Conversations (Listen/Speak). The result is, you gain Knowledge and learn the necessary life Skills for Success in work & life! 

हुनर है तो कदर है!     You will always be respected if you have the skills!…. We only Charge for the Skills that we Impart. Our Assessment at the Center, Trial class and access to this Blog is FREE…. like ‘Google’.

Dear Students/Professionals, Enjoy the articles – Read and Contribute like in your school/collage magazines… we give you due credit and monetary rewards too!….  Ashish Khurana (Editor of this Blog & Master Trainer/Career Coach)

Map Tricks new center Learn English Center at NOIDA: what do you get?

T.r.i.c.k.s Learn English and personality development Center at Sector 2, NOIDA:  is a training institute where “We provide practical-training or SPOKEN English classes at affordable rates for students and professionals who want to have better communication skills”

Level 1: Word-play or SPOKEN English program is ABC of English Language or Base level program on Learning to Speak in English: Make your own sentences: you build the base for grammar ‘usage’ and ‘composition’, Active Vocabulary you activate the word-bank and we also help you with clear and correct Pronunciations. The word-play module is for any person (17 years +) to make the right start with Every-day English.

  • 40 classes (80 hrs): 2 months (Monday to Friday): Call to find Available batch timings: Rs. 4,750/- (Entry level requirement: you should understand English words)

Going beyond BASIC, we focus on conversation skills and fluency so that our learners gain the confidence to speak in any setting- Our next Level.

Level 2: GET SELECTED – crack any interview or selection criteria where communication skills matter. The program gives you extensive practice with conversations in English in variety of situations, play the Tense Game so that you master the usage are able to gain fluency and understand/deliver a good natural accent without any hesitation or hindrances. There is adequate focus on Vocabulary : Personality adjectives and common verbs plus phrasal verbs. You also learn to use Modals, Active/passive Voice in all the 12 Tenses. It’s a Tension-free learning methodology to focus on in-campus recruitment and also great for Engineers and MBAs  who wish to ‘get a job’ or upgrade their careers…

55 classes (88 hrs): 3 months (Monday to Friday): Call to find Available batch timings in the morning and evening:  Rs. 7,250/- (Entry level requirement: min. score of 10 in an internal assessment, good understanding of English when he/she listens should understand English sentences and some common expressions used in everyday English)

Individual consultation/Career Coaching with our Master Trainer/Ashish Khurana is charged @ Rs. 1,000/hour… He is totally available to clear all your doubts and answer all your queries through this blog/over email or in the center (free of charge). He personally takes Intermediate/Advanced classes and monitors the progress of every student.

Note: You can upgrade from Basic to Intermediate within 15 days: available for fast learners and students who have done min. of 3 years of their academic or professional studies in English medium at School or Collage Level.

Level 3: For IELTS -GO GLOBAL course for advanced learners who wish to go overseas or talk to foreigners. The students at this level go through rigorous Voice & Accent training, Language Lab practice (Listening-Speaking) and removal of any first language or mother tongue influence (MTI).  As most of my Students know:  we try to Learn English and not cram a few sentences. We don’t use any methods that relies on translation or ‘learning by rote’. It is our firm belief that ‘You Learn best when faced with real-life situations’ and Learning itself is joy!  

Bannar No Need to translate
We DO NOT see any need to translate from Hindi to English as it does not help you to learn faster and comes in the way as you wish to speak in English fluently.

Our Method involves quite a lot of Practice in LAB but NO Cramming of Sentences or Phrases. There are lots of confidence building or hesitation removal exercises in the role-plays and activities as required.  We believe that  Cramming Doesn’t Work for Learning a language. However, you do need to remember some rules, words, structures etc., for better memory retention techniques, you may listen to ‘The Memory Experience’ on BBC Radio 4 or follow any other method as it suites you.

Visit our Website : www.tricksnoida.co.in to know about the batch timing, facilities, programs, profiles of the trainers, methodology, batch timings and how are we different from others etc.  Stay on this blog if you want to Learn to Speak in English … its Free for all!

Take Admission today to Start Learning in an Active English environment!


33 thoughts on “Who are we?

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    I think that it is a capital from long time I know that


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  10. praadeep
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    what is your roommate name
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  13. Asignment:-1
    My name is Mukesh. I am very determine in my responsibilities. I am little emotional some time.I am a faithful person and I never cheated to anybody. I am very polite to all who interact with me. I am little optimistic. I have lot of patient, thats why I do not angry easily with whom makes mistake. I am a strong reliable person of my company and my family also. When required, I always sympathetic with desired person. I am very sensitive with my responsibilities. I always complete my basic KRAs.


  14. today i learnt about the simple past tens i make some sentences and further i will learn deeply, correctly and freely. i think averyone will take action fast to speak fluent.thank,s


  15. can statements and questions
    can you help me? can you do this work? can you drive a car? Ans: yes,i can drive a car. can you come to my home? yes,i can come to your home, can you give me the address? Ans: yes,i can give you add, please note down….


    • Can we meet Tomorrow?
      Can you come with me?
      what can i do for you?
      Can I help you?
      How can help you?
      Can i live for the day?
      Can you give me your mobile no?
      Can you help me?
      Can i say somethings?
      Can i go for lunch?


    I am Rajendra kumar. i belong to bulandshahr u.p. i have four members in my family. my father is a businessman.
    my mother is a homemaker and i am the youngerest son. I have an elder sister and a brother. i work in bharti airtel limted it is a telecom company. i am working with them for past one year this company in department of the installation team. my hobbies are playing cricket and watching movies. i have completed my graduation in 2010. i am pursuing B.M.L.T bachelor of medical lab technology. i want to become a good pathologist.


  17. SELF INTRODUCTION I am jai pachauri.
    i belong to mathura (u.p). i leave live in noida for the last 15years and have 5 members in my family. my father is a government employee and my mother is a home maker and i am the eldest son in the family and have 2 younger sisters and a brother and i have work with s.p.c.a for last 1 year This society istakes care for street animals they feed&treat them and this is very good work and i like to do it.
    my aim is to help street animals who are suffering and are in any condition and i enjoy do this work as a hobby as well as professionally.


    • Hi Jai, Please note the corrections in Verb/Helping Verb usage, Articles (a, an, the) and we will cover the right usage of prepositions (for, in ..) in your ‘word play’ module.

      Complete English means to start making your own sentences using grammar and once you do that Learning ‘new words’ and using them becomes easy.

      Keep Learning!


  18. my Daily routine
    I am wake-up in morning 4,o clock and then i fresh and i bath and wear a cloth and i some breakfast then i cam run from metro within 5 min and metro drop me sec-16 then i came from institute for just 5 to 10 min and i learn in English and i spend time for 1&half an hour and i go to home in metro then i go to s.p.c.a and i work with animals,like,monkeys,cats,languor and i came from home in 6,o clock and i go to home and my mother give me cup of tea i go to park then i run from 2-3 rounds and i go home and i mother have give me food and then i sleep


  19. SELF INTRODUCTION I am Rajendra kumar
    i blong to a villege in district bulandshahr uttar pradesh (Note: we will learn small words called prepositions)
    my father is a small businessman
    my mother is a HOMEmaker (Note: use of article ‘a’)
    i have five members in my family
    my qualification 10th pass 2005 n 12 th pass 2007
    I did my Basic Education from ‘name of the school’ -10th class in 2005 and 12th in 2007 (if you want to add the years)
    my graduation final 2010 I graduated in 2010 with ‘subjects’ from ‘you collage’
    i am working present time with Bharti Airtel limted as a post D.S.L Engineer
    i am pursuing studing present time Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology from B.M.L.T –
    my hobbies are playing cricket or watching television
    my aim I want to become a good pathologist. (Note: made the first part shorter/clear – added the useful ‘Aim’ part from what you told me) and Aim ‘To set-up a Pathology LAB is my hometown’.

    LEARNING: Be specific with your Aims and Goals…Announce them in public…. they will come true…everyone will help you achieve success (including me 🙂 )…the society is a great enabler of your dreams… just dare to dream Big…and Luck comes to those who work hard!


    • I read all post(s) on this blog .The post(s) are helpful to me to gain some knowledge of ‘Speak in English’. (Note: done some edits with the grammar… it can’t be Avinash)

      Dear Students: Blog is the entire website – a collective/uncount noun…. ‘a Post’ is the individual page or pages… and ‘reply’ or ‘comment’ is what you do on ‘the entire blog’ or ‘each post’.

      I will also create a general discussion area ‘where you can write anything’ it will also be moderated and/or corrected by me…keep asking questions or writing comments… do more writing/typing practice so that you learn to make sentences… all the best with your Learning good English!


    • Thanks Vatan Veer, you are a dedicated student and a good learner…Hope our ‘unique way’ is as effective for YOU as the others. Keep-up the practice particularly for the linking words or connected speech.

      Do read my post on Learning Style assessment. We will do it for you this Saturday AND if you happen to be more like Ekalavya than Arjuna (which is what I suspect). I will give you the CD for self-study.


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