Adverbs to indicate Frquency…

Adverbs to indicate Frquency...

for usage and practice


7 thoughts on “Adverbs to indicate Frquency…

    1. I always doing my homework.
    2. He normally comes late.
    3. they usually play cricket in the evening .
    4. I always watch an English movie.
    5. He often spend time listing music.
    6. she sometime gets up early in morning.
    7. I rarely go to the market.
    8. I seldom write a letter.
    9. I occasionally walk in the garden.
    10. you never tell a lie.
    11. I usually take breakfast.
    12. I rarely go late in my coachingEnglish class.
    13. you can sometimes play cricket.
    14. I always read a newspaper.
    15. you seldom come to my home.
    16. (or ‘in my room’)

    17. they often takentalk in my English class.
    18. He seldom cocks the food.
    19. He occasionally learns our lesson.
    20. He always takes the lunch.
    21. He rarely drives the bus.

    Vipin: note down the changes done… ‘s/es’ when the subject is singular (other than I/you where no ‘s/es’ is required)


    1. I never eat dry fruits.
    2. I normally work from my home.
    3. I sometimes watch a movie.
    4. I never tell a lie.
    5. I always read what I write.
    6. I normally practice to speak in English.
    7. I often read Ramayana in the morning.
    8. I rarely eat non-veg food.
    9. I hardly ever play football.
      10.I sometimes spend time in my friend’s home.
      11.I’m always happy with my parents.
      12.I often work in the field.
      13.I always write it down.
      14.I occasionally drive the car.
      15.sun always rises in the east . friend’s normally play in the field with me.
      17.I generally use mobile.
      18.He frequently eat in the mid-night.
      19.Birds always fly in the sky.
      20.I sometimes miss you.
      21.I generally walk in the morning.
    10. Do you rarely use the twitter.


  1. 1-I always do my work on the time
    2-I usually go out with my friends
    3- I normally get bad marks
    4- I often read in bed at morning
    5- sometime I HUNT animals
    6- I late in class occasionally
    7- I seldom take leaves
    8- I hardly ever gat up at 6
    9-I never eat furs


  2. 1.I always go to school.
    2.I ususlly use my car to go school.
    3.I normally speak English.
    4.I often watch TV when my exams going on.
    5.sometime I also speak hindi
    6.I occasionally go to watch movie.
    7.I seldom go in park.
    8.I rarely swim.
    9.I never speak lie.


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