Definitely, A happy child makes a healthy home… but is the reverse also true?

What is one thing that comes your mind when you see happy children playing in the front lawn of your house?… I me it is a delight, that’s what I work for ‘to make it a happy upbringing of my child’. Some of us may have thought “I want to see my child happy and that’s what makes it a healthy living environment for the family” or “a happy child makes a healthy Home” But can we also say that the reverse is true: To put this question clearly, “Does a Healthy child makes a Happy home”.

Let’s explore…

The thought came to me when my child felt sick this summers and we were not able to figure-out what was the cause of illness. He just wouldn’t eat anything , complain of pain in the tummy and would cry most of the time.  He was taken to our regular pediatrician – Dr. Arora several times within the week. The same doctor has treated Vivaan  right from the time when he came to our life. Usually, just a consultation visit involving some precaution, advice on what to feed and 2-3 dozes of the ‘light’ medicine worked for him. (To tell you the back-ground on Vivaan, he is a super-active child not fat and wins a medal or two in school races – does not care much on studies- but plays with full passion!). This illness has lasted almost a week and no-one has a clue when the kid will start to play again – forget going to school, he is growing weaker day-by-day.

The first question we ask the ‘day-care’ center is ‘has he eaten food?’.  Our child, when he comes back from play or study and shouts for ‘something to eat-anything!’ is always a mother’s delight. That’s what a mother lives for. Being a playful child, his appetite has always been the barometer for his growth and the family’s happiness.  By his pranks, acting alike cartoons and playful attitude, he brings out the child-hood in all of us ensuring happiness for everyone in the family.

In our days our grand-mother used to keep a watch on the ‘number of chapattis’ eaten and we have grown-up on a heavy but healthy diet of home-cooked Parathas with good stuffing inside. Even now when we leave home we carry our lunch box but not having it does not harm or makes us go giddy after 2pm. I can easily survive till 4pm. But going without food for ‘a child of 7’ who weighs ‘less than 14 kg’ just took-away the happiness of everyone. The Home looked like a Hospital without ‘Health’, no happiness.

What occurred to me is that ‘wellness’ and preventive cures as suggested in age old scripts and the Ayurveda. When followed by trusted companies like Dabur it made a lot of sense, here is link that could benefit you:

The illness took its time to cure as it did in the case of my son after a few days but wellness stays. We brought home boxes of Chyawanprash and the whole family has to take spoon in the morning and evening. Dr. Arora also confirmed to this and supported our ‘over the counter’ choice for going with prevention is better than cure – “it improves the immunity to fight against common problems like cold, improves your digestion -upset tummy” , he said.

We are happy to have taken the preventive path with the help of trusted brands like Dabur and go with the Live-Veda or Ayurveda -Indian way of health and happiness at my Home. Definitely, A health child make a happy home too!


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