Most Read Topics and Posts on this Blog. As we cross the 20th mark

Title Views
The No. of People who have read the following posts.
Just ‘Spoken’ or Really LEARN to SPEAK Fluent English? 2,720
Interestingly, its the ‘linking words’ and not conversational ‘fillers’ that make you a better communicator! 1,288
Describe personality of person with Adjectives 1,053
General Discussions: Write anything you want to say in Public… 1,012
‘Hesitation Removal’ OR rather ‘Confidence Building’ as a part of Conversation in English program. Yes, it’s a bonus from our experts. 909
Are you a Learner like Arjuna or Ekalavya? or Hanuman who needs to be reminded of his powers… 508
Understanding English Tenses visually without any tension… 

( this is where the GAME has been developed and this is being played in all my Batches)


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