3 Strategies for Making Homework Doable

Hey guys who do your Home-work please keep it up!: FOR other there’s a warning that ‘You may take more time’ to speak the language…. You need exposure that cannot be all given in the class-room. Though I have a lot of recorded videos.

Generally I ask my students to: Pick 5 new words from anywhere- advertisements, TV or even reading Comics (its far better than newspapers for day-to-day vocabulary). I also ask them to make a few sentences in the new structure that they learn in a particular period. They also need to watch a video or read my blog… to stay tuned with the English Lessons.

Be regular to the class and spend around 30 min. of your own is all that we need to teach you ‘how to speak’ in English with confidence and ease.

English with Jennifer

The other day I had a Skype call with another teacher who works in a traditional classroom. Part of our discussion touched upon the challenge of getting adult learners to do their homework. I’ve personally worked with a couple stay-at-home mothers in the past, and those experiences led to some ideas for students with children. I’ve also suggested five ways to encourage adult learners to complete assignments.

Perhaps since my live instruction in recent years has mostly been one-on-one, I may have had an easier time getting students to do assignments. One factor is the pressure of being the only student. It’s their time, their lesson, and their opportunity. Also, I can really tailor an assignment to the individual’s needs, so the appeal is quite strong and the objective is clear.

Today I’d like to suggest we brainstorm a little more and generate additional strategies. Let me start with three…

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