“It’s Not Just Wrong; It’s Illegal!”

The usage of CC TV camera in an open place without permission… “Its not just Wrong; It’s illegal”…. Please read the touching story below and give your comments on what illegal things you see everyday in India. Don’t worry Speak-up!

For Christ and Culture

*Posted by Joe Wooddell

The other day my wife came home and told me about a sign she saw at a grocery store. The sign said not to buy cigarettes for minors; then it said, “It’s not just wrong; it’s illegal!” What does the sign imply? The sign implies that if it were merely wrong but not illegal then that’s one thing (i.e. we might find ourselves buying cigarettes for minors), but if it’s both wrong and illegal, we’d better think twice! It implies that doing wrong is bad, but breaking the law is even worse. This is all backwards.

Unfortunately, people often think this way. They’re willing to do the wrong thing if it’s not illegal because there are no formal consequences; that is, they can get away with it if it’s merely wrong but not illegal. But perhaps I’m not giving the sign-makers (whoever they are) enough credit…

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