Dear Students,

English Conversation Group of NOIDA… Meet-up Today, Saturday at T.r.i.c.k.s – Noida Center, at 4 pm…. Hope you have figured out how you are ‘going to’ reach even if it rains…. Don’t rush-up you will find the chit-chat group going till the conversation lasts…. Let the discussions begin with the outside world!

People attending today will be from different fields and mostly professionals who speak well they are also the ‘Founding Members’ of this Group and this tag comes with (joint) power to turn-down membership requests from new members. You can be one too… just log-in complete the profile and yes to RSVP.

Being a New group, we just have 15 members in 15 days…. I have turned down 6 member requests as ‘the intent’ of person joining was not clear…As a student  of T.r.i.c.k.s – you are an automatic member you just need to apply.

Please RSVP with ‘yes’ if you think you will be able to make-it today. DO stay with your decision or else change the status… this is the only rule we follow else. It’s your CHOICE:
To speak or just listen to others…clicking a group picture or just click ‘a selfy’ … uploading it or not (Nikhil does a fine job here :-))… sharing songs or movies (Gaurav has a huge collection)… to share your contact details or personal information (as per your comfort)…Afterall, IT’s YOUR LIFE!

You can bring in your friends too as we can easily accommodate 15 people in Rudyard Kipling Classroom… 20 with some spill-over :-)… Those of you who RSVP today can add a friend too please don’t expect any confirmation… say ‘a hi’ to everyone plus introduce yourself no need to state that you are a student of T.r.i.c.k.s.

Look forward to see you today evening as a part of Saturday English Club, you can do your own practice in the Rabindranath Tagore Language Lab too.

Have a great start of your conversations in English with the outside world.

warm regards
PS: The word-list of some words should be in your Active Vocab. if you want to make a great Impression in any Interview… The wordle is here.Image


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