Winter in Noida: Describe this Picture

Winter in Noida

Describe this Picture… use Simple present Tense

Useful language:

Start with an overall simple statement of what’s the first thing that comes to your mind.

1) This picture shows…

2) There is / there are…

3) I can see…

Describe as much as you can. (Do not over do it… as 1 min is just 10 sentences)

example: There is a woman in the picture, She’s about 40 years old. She’s got long grey hair and dark skin. She’s

wearing a shawl.

Useful language:

4) In the foreground / in the background…

5) On the right / on the left…

Try to use your imagination to make assumptions. For example: The landy could be waiting for someone to join the bon-fire. or Maybe some is calling her

Useful language:

6) I think… Maybe / Perhaps…

Modal verbs of deduction: she must / can’t / might be …

7) She looks…(worried)/ She looks like … (my maid).

You can also use personal stories but avoid them for small descriptions.

Go Global/IELTS Students must do 10 DTP activities and Get Selected must do 5 such activities…. to gain confidence.

IELTS testing would love it if you use your stories and examples from your life to speak more. People are much more

comfortable talking about their experiences, so talk about yourself. For example

when describing the picture you can talk about ‘such community bon-fires being common in your area in the chilly months of Dec./Jan’


4 thoughts on “Winter in Noida: Describe this Picture

  1. This picture showS that its very cold today
    There are many people in this picture
    There’s an old man in this picture (maybe) about 60 years, he’s wearing kurta pajama and jacket
    There are some younger people and some child children , A child is wearing cap on head .
    This picture background is covered with fogs
    This picture was taken in evening time
    The people are enjoying bone fire
    A boy is standing on the left he’s wearing a blue sweeter
    Many people are setting in this picture and some people are stand this picture while some of them are standing.

    Note: Some corrections… such errors will go out as you start speaking (such errors come-up only when you write!)


    • Thank you for calling in jaypee group , How may I help you?

      At Present, where are you?

      Could you please repeat that?

      New Ashok Nagar ok,

      Are you coming by your own vehicle or public transport?

      Ok, Do you know sec 15 gole chakker?

      First you come to gole chaker near by Indian Oil Building,

      Than you go to Indian Oil Building in the opposite direction and walk/drive for approx 300 mts

      Then looks at the over bridge, you do not have to go to over breej, you go to left side the breej

      After that you come to a T point, you turn left hand side from here,

      You go on the straight road for around 5 km after that you come to Mahamaya Bridge,

      After, You cross mahamaya breej you come to nodia expeesway highway

      Take the service lane on the left side, after around 3 km you see the Ist under pass near HCL building,

      Then you Go to straight in the service lane after for around 1 km more. NOW you come to 2n under pass, you turn right handside and after you cross the under pass, turn left hand side drive further for apporx 300 mts. On your right hand side is jaypee office board. you ‘need to’ come to jaypee reception and after you reach call me. (or ask the security person to give me a call). I will come and receive you…

      Note: some corrections overall its fine and once you start telling the directions you will further refine it… GOOD TO GO!


  2. There are many peoples sitting around the bon-fire. (Note: PEOPLE itself is plural and indicate Many)

    This is the picture of January first week at that times weather is too cold.

    there is a boy in this picture. he’s about 10 years old. he wants to sit comfortably.
    there is a man sitting on that picture. he is wearing blue sweater and waiting for someone.
    the background of this picture is covered of fog.
    there are many people looking eachother and talking about the winter.
    Everybody is waiting to see sun.
    There are two womans in this picture.
    Everybody wearing so much clothes on his body.

    there is a old woman in this picture. She is looking like my maid.


  3. This picture shows cold winter.

    There are many people in this picture.

    There are some people siting near bon-fire and warming their hands and some people standing near atthe bon-fire.

    There are some is a lady wearing a shawl and some men wearing jackets.

    Many people enjoy tothe winter.

    I think some people are on leave from office or school and are at home.

    There are Some people looking toat each other.

    There are some people talking to each other.

    There are children full enjoying ‘the warmth’ near bone-fire.

    There is bone-fire in the middle of people.


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