Am I Smarter Than my Smart Phone?

“Am I Smarter than my Smart Phone?”

Am I losing on anywhere/anytime connectivity with the civilization just because I don’t have a Mobile device in my Pocket and/or don’t use it smartly enough?

Am I missing any update on friends or unable to do any business due to my not keeping a mobile in my Pocket… this is the first Post I created on this Tab Phone (edited on the PC with a larger screen and inserted the picture there) – Its an ideaPad (Lenovo) gifted to me by my Family/Friends on my work anniversary at T.r.i.c.k.s : Lifelong learning/NOIDA. The Smart Phone has too many applications voice/text-based tools to help you communicate better both inbound and outbound. But I can think and have better ideas  therefore I remain Smarter than my Phone. I will choose the way I wish to use it or not use it…. last thing in my mind is to share the identity however anyone can touch the hardware and receive calls on my behalf.

ideaPad with Android OS.
ideaPad with Android OS.

While I am still learning from Simran (my daughter) how to make best use of it and block (or register for DNC) the unsolicited calls with desperate offers, the sweet but recorded voices of movie stars (I’m sorry Bips, will talk err. listen to you later 😦  ). The Latest interruptions is whatsapp – please educate me the practical utility before registering my number and enticing me to download. You will get my response to text-msg SMS and/or your call (if missed by me) will be responded ASAP.  emails on my official id.  that’s on gmail until we have a dedicated mailbox (under development) and yahoo is for my personal or semi-official mails. Linkedin remains my professional network  and the Facebook messages are generally replied my me with 24 hrs. (Don’t expect responses to bulk-mails if you don’t know me – I am choosy and not an emotional of spontaneous buyer). Chain mails or Group mails: I see at my leisure weakly/fortnightly; I do pick-up a thread whenever I see a loose end – ‘reply all’ is what I like to do. Put me the group mailing list if and only if you are sure that i will not cause much trouble to the very formation of this group or party. I do have power to express my views rather strongly can change them given a good argument.  yes I do endorse skills or give references to people I know and they also know how to get them from me. Best is to schedule a call so that I can re-connect the Dots.

Oh this Twitter tweets every second and what do i do to feed this Chirping Bird all the time.. its difficult for me to handle so i will let it be!

Its only so much communication channels that we can handle as humans and who needs my 24×7 availability anyway… I am not a heart surgeon with lot of patients with weak heart, you know 🙂

Please do note down my new No. it has limited contact list but I do recognise your last available number from my earlier hand-held device – a blackberry not being used for around 15 months….OMG! for people who can use 2 mobile phones and also for people keeping 2 SIMs

With warm regards I remain as contactable as earlier to you my good old friends

Ashish Khurana


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