How Big is Small Business in NOIDA

How Big is Small Business in NOIDA

I met with a small businessman today who serves ‘a good need’ of BIG Lighting Market…. the opportunity to grow is unlimited but he is limited to Sector 15 Noida.

He supplies Rechargeable battery + LED lamps on rent per day to street vendors. Has a team of 4 motor-cycle guys they charge Rs. 20/day and he has 200 vendors…. they collect the money daily and re-charge the batter. the LED lamp is left with the vendors. the Street Vendor otherwise will need to work w/out light. The equipment works for 6 hrs without needing to re-charge so they collect the spent-out batteries each day and replace them with the charged one.

The person makes cool Rs. 4000/day and his expenses all put-together are Rs. 1000/day… I agree there are bad-debts and people running away with the battery/lamp. Still it is a profitable business and the person seemed to be as happy as people working for Phillips or Bajaj.

How Big is small business in NOIDA or India? can you give any more examples of such enterprises your personal views are more important than data/research done by MBAs.

The person in the story will Learn English so that he can get a Business Loan from Banks that provide credit to Small Businesses. Let’s see how he grows his business. The Story will continue…

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