Happy Republic Day – Describe the Picture

Happy Republic Day - Describe the Picture

Thanks to Google, we have a nice and ‘easy to describe’ Picture/Logo on India’s republic day. Transformation of their own LOGO to include the popular theme of the Day is a wonderful demonstration of creativity!… How much do you agree with me? and How many times do we get this pleasant surprise from Google?

Learn English Activities for the Day:

  1. Students of BASIC/Word-Play: Describe any Picture or the Republic Day Parade as you see today. Stick to Simple Sentences, write/speak 10 sentences describing what happens on the Day (usually, sometimes and Simple Present tense).
  2. Students of Intermediate/Get-Selected: Give live commentary of the Republic Day Parade for 10-15 min. -you can run it up in your Mind and learn to use some new verbs/adjectives associated with a national event. Speak for 2 Min. in the class (as much you can even 5 min. for people who have done over 30 classes).
  3. Students of Go-global/Advanced: Write/speak on What special you saw this year? and what do you feel about the day? What did you do ‘on this day’ when you were a child? (Tips: use all your tenses well – switch between past and present; include Phrasal Verbs and Modals as required)

Have a Good day and all the best for your Practice of English as a Language…

T.r.i.c.k.s NOIDA Center wishes you a Happy Republic Day!


One thought on “Happy Republic Day – Describe the Picture

  1. It was indeed good to see republic day logo on Google. I hated Google when they in 2012 didn’t change their logo for Independence day i.e, 15th August.


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