Welcome – 2014

Goodbye 2013; welcome 2014…

Even though, today is the last day of 2013, I am not able to believe that ‘the year’ has come to an end. To me ‘time’ seems to fly every moment- even before I have realized the year has ended. I will miss 2013 as much I miss all the years that have gone by.

Each year has taught me something about life and how to live it. They have given me memories- both good and bad- that I ‘ll never forget. Some have given  me failures and some have given me success, but they have gone and will never come back. someone has said

” The best  preparation for ‘Tomorrow’ is live your ‘Today'”

New Year....image
Happy New Year

It doesn’t matter how long your life is, what matters is how much you live it. So, let us all welcome the year will all its happiness, sadness, adventures, successes, failures, achievements and everything that is new in it. Try to live a new ‘You’, to change all the ‘bad’ into ‘good’ and ‘fair’. Let’s stop complaining but to work out to solve all our problems. Let this year be special for every heart…….keep smiling 🙂

Happy New Year!


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