A Photo Essay. A Look Back: This was Christmas 2010…

Its a good Photo Essay… thanks to ‘Voices from Russia’. Enjoy your Christmas Carnival Time this year and Keep Learning Good English!

Voices from Russia

Iraqi Christian refugee in Amman (Jordan) prays in a Catholic church. Fully half of the Christian population resident in Iraq in 1980 have fled to Syria and Jordan, this process was accelerated by the present Republican-engendered war in Iraq. Before the war, 97 percent of the population was Muslim and 3 percent Christian (roughly two-thirds Chaldean Uniate Catholic and one-third Oriental Orthodox… the Protestant groups are derisory). Today… who knows? In Jordan, the population is 92 percent Muslim, 8 percent Christian (split between Catholic, Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox… there are no Protestants to speak of). Jordan is the most tolerant of the Middle Eastern states towards Christianity, but most of its Christians have emigrated (in 1950, the Jordanian population was 48 percent Christian). Bear in mind… if you support Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin, you support the persecution of the Iraqi Christian community, as it’s now mainly a…

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