Understanding English Tenses visually without any tension…

As I also wrote in my earlier posts under the head of Grammar that each sentence should be in right Tense or should have the right ‘sense of time’… This is a major Milestone for all English Learners.

Here is how to solve the problem with the English tenses, Learn it Visually and based on Usage and you will rarely go wrong. Have a look at the time line, it might help you understand when to use which tense. As there is a similarity between past, present and future tenses, there are just a few rules to keep in mind. (they are also very similar for Hindi but still insist don’t cram the rules-  they are easier to follow 🙂

If you know how to use the present progressive (continuous) correctly to express actions that happen NOW, you will as well be able to use the past progressive (continuous) correctly to express past actions that were happening THEN.

Study the Chart/Visual below very carefully:

Tenses Visual Chart

Tenses Chart that we follow in our English Classes at T.r.i.c.k.s – Noida.

What more?

After you understand the uses of each tense practice each tense separately t make and speak a few sentences. I make my students live in a particular tense for at-least 2 days.  Say if you have learned the Past Tense today, make sentences for everything that you did yesterday. Isn’t that simple and common sense!

Give a live commentary of yourself to live the present progressive tense, Is not that an interesting way to learn?


2 thoughts on “Understanding English Tenses visually without any tension…

  1. Good Evening Sir, as per my view this tanse chart is very helpful for making the right sentanse in right time for every learner. Before speaking and writing need to recall this tanse chart in mind, after that we are always in right way. These 12 tanses are work as a key for the English.This is the best way of learning.


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