Spread of Organised work culture and professionalism

Spread of Organised work culture and professionalism

The Organised work is going to grow and more professionalism is required to join the Industry today, be it any field of work. Take for example: Madhuri Dikshit after a long phase of silence comes back to ‘filmdom’ and maybe she can kill the career of some new-heroine  with her re-polished professionalism . As we have seen, like many other industries, the Hindi cinema or Bollywood has organised itself more in the past 10 years. Even the starts of yesterday who enjoyed mass-appeal just for their smile or body are turning to be more professional … Professionalism the trend that started with Amir Khan is going to live on and grow!

At the same time India has a large pool of people still working in the unorganized sector: look at this article in Hindu- Business Line to look at the numbers and trends. An Interesting question i was asked a few days earlier: “What are the sectors- that are most likely to become more organised soon enough that ‘you may have a join a course on professionalism’ in the short-run of say next 5 years?”

What are the skills needed to join your profession? and what is the knowledge you will need to have?

Read the post to answer the simple question above so that you can grow in your profession… what is the profession you want to enter or which industry you want to work in?

Management, Hospitality Industry or Travel & Tourism, Accountant, BPO, Apparel, IT, consulting are highly organised sectors so talented professionals are required. India although has surplus manpower but at the same time there is an acute shortage of  skilled professionals. Professional bodies (like The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India) and National Skill Development Corporation are doing their job but many private institutions like  T.r.i.c.k.s are needed to Train masses on basic communication skills.

As we do my job as a professionally certified trainer ; are you getting ready to acquire the ‘skills for the new world’ and join an organised sector?

Any job or profession that has maximum value creation or risk of human life is likely to be organised sooner. How much do you agree with me?


One thought on “Spread of Organised work culture and professionalism

  1. Good Evening Sir,
    I agree with your post which has written by you, I need some time for reading carefully because I want to read two to three times.
    You have taken best example of professionalism. I support to you for these type of posts.
    As per my view, Before joining of any industry we must know about that company, nature of business, about own role etc.
    Thank you for writing this post, this is beneficial for us.


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