Knowledge is Power; But its the Skill – that gets things done!

I repeat (for emphasis) : Knowledge is Power; But it is the Skill – that gets things done!

How much you understand the above statement defines how sale-able your resume is and apply ‘the above’ at the time of writing your CV. You demonstrate it more with some real-life examples at the time of face-to-face interview. A Senior Industry professional stated yesterday evening “It’s the Skills that Sell” another comment made by a very senior professional who is known in the industry for his timing the statements right “they call you for the interview as they want to see your confidence”.

Clearly state in your CV you knowledge and skills:

1) the Knowledge you have that is required as per Job Description: this includes market understanding, domains, subjects that you can write an essay on just on the strength of your understanding. Cramming something or remembering some names, terms is Not the kind of Knowledge anyone will pay for.
-Would you (as CEO of T.r.i.c.k.s) pay me Rs. 2 lac/month just because I have read 2000 books.
2) the Skills that you have acquired and are relevant to the job: these include social and professional skills. The things that you ‘can do’. There is very little argument that ‘communication skill’ is the most important of the skills as it is vital but do not make ‘not having enough of any skill’ as your limitation. Just state what you ‘can do’ without much need for preparation:
-I was given to make my public presentation to the clients of SQL Star -right on the day of my joining the Delhi office as an Area Manager for eLearning a new product. – The ink on my ‘business cards’ was still wet when I handed them over very proudly that evening to my delighted audience.

Have a look at the knowledge and skills that come from Learning English- a global language of Business.

Why would anyone learn English and what is the skill gain?
Why would anyone learn English and what is the skill gain?

Remember Degrees/Diplomas is not knowledge – they are qualifications (sometimes essential with %age of marks stated) can get your resume to be shortlisted by the HR. If you are sitting in an Interview meeting – your Degree has done what it could do i.e. get you a meeting with the hiring personnel (HR and hiring manager) there can be more depending on the level. I at my level would definitely meet all the CxOs before meeting the business owner. This is not to attach any ego with it but only a business-owner understands the ‘business language’ and sometimes it is more Mathematics than English.

Bio-data is a term that comes from the days of the physical-labor so as a knowledge worker don’t state that term and write the best Curriculum Vite’ or Profile/Resume’ for people with some experience.

I want to Learn English
Conversation is English is a Sale-able skill.. How many more do you need to do the Job well?

People who say I have zero experience or I am a fresher so I have “no knowledge or skills” to state in my CV. I am afraid to, “the people without any sale-able skills will continue to sit at home OR they should join a practical skill-oriented program that imparts ‘sale-able’ skills”. Govt. of India knows well enough with data to substantiate: when it says that the country needs skilled people. There is actually ‘skill shortage’ not ‘people shortage’. Fortunately for India there is enough Knowledge or gyan people have. While ability to talk in a professional or Business language is still not counted as a skill as that is the bed-rock of any skilled person. How many times have you heard sales-men of traders say ‘main baato ki khaata hun’ (I eat my bread from what I talk). In my view – it the conversations that count the most. All the deals and business happens after conversations and so much ‘on the phone’

Knowledge when gained right must translate to Skills. As a Communication skills trainer I like to work more and more on your skills while we impart all the knowledge of the Language that is needed. In the garb of our Word-Play program we actually give you English for everyday conversations (a skill) and In the ‘Get Selected’ program the focus is on ‘Discussion, Debating and Presentation skills’ plus there is a bonus of some personality development topics like: Grooming, Asking and Answering questions, Handling difficult questions. All these are vital skills for success in any Interview.

One of my students (I believe it was Chandan – a Telecom Engineer) wrote on the ‘Thought of the Day’ white board some good words:

“Life is a Series of Interviews!”

Thanks Savita for writing the Knowledge-Skill quote on the white broad.. really appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power; But its the Skill – that gets things done!

  1. dear sir,
    This post is very interesting and important.Knowledge and skills both are very useful for the professionals.knowledge is that which you can show but skills are that you can demonstrate in front of other people.


  2. Good Morning Sir,
    This post is very useful for us because knowledge and skills both are important for our business life. if you have only knowledge or only skills you cann’t serve in your useful life.


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