This blog is absolutely free… will always be… do you have some free time to read?

Do you easily accept anything that is Free?… I take it with ‘a pinch of salt’ until I am sure that ‘there are no strings attached’!

I gladly accept and acknowledge with thanks the various Cliparts and images that I get for FREE.
I gladly accept and acknowledge with thanks the various Cliparts and images that I get for FREE.

Even word-space this platform for Blogging is free. Thanks to the many share-able tools available on the internet we will keep this blog free for all the readers.   All forms of news, information  some forms of literature (e-books) and even many forms of Art are increasingly becoming FREE.  I usually don’t read mails with the word Free written ‘in the subject of the mail’. Numerous freebies offered by ‘online advertisers’ have irritated me to the extent that I even ignore tips that I get for usage of a tool that I downloaded myself. It maybe for research purpose only means it is not error-free.  After some features are free for some time higher level functionality will be charged. I am careful not to  give my credit-card details on the internet – as the charges could come after the offer period ends.  Why bother – I have the freedom to choose what I need and not just everything that is Free. I live a trouble-free and carefree life!     

I don’t take any medicines or oils ‘by any name’ or ‘any magical properties’ as FREE!

Let us learn all the usages (and some abuses) of the word ‘Free’ as an adjective today. We will learn to use ‘error-free’,

I don't take any medicines or oils 'by any name' or 'any magical properties' as FREE!

‘trouble-free’, ‘carefree’ as also ‘freedom’ (an uncountable noun) plus there are some ‘freebies’ for good participation in the Basic English class today:

  • Is your mind free today to have short open discussion?
  • Is there anything ‘that you value’ that is free in your life?
  • What are some of the thing that you use and you got them for free?
  • How much freedom do you have to decide on your career choice?
  • What are some of the things that are ‘error-free’ or ‘trouble-free’?
  • Are you careful or carefree about your dressing sense?  When and in what situations…
  • What are some of the hidden-charges when you freely accept free offers from strangers?
  • Are you free this evening for a cup of coffee?

One of the most searched word on google today is ‘Free’ and so most advertisers use it to attract the audience!

“Absolutely Free T-shirt from Sun Micro-systems”

I got this mail this morning with a caption" Absolutely Free T-shirt from Sun-Micro systems - What can be the research an IT company would do?
I got this mail this morning with this image and rather inviting offer. I wonder, what can be the research an IT company would do with a free t-shirt? I don’t offer my body for any kind of research… would you?


Knowledge or Gyan on this blog is Free for lifetime for anyone who can understand the written word.

Class discussion questions for ‘Get Selected’ and ‘Go Global’ students:

  • Does the word ‘free’ undermine ‘the value’ or does it make it more attractive and accessible to people at large?
  • What are things that should remain free?
  • Do you take any free advice from anyone?
No Thanks! we don't need illustrations of attractive girls exposing skin. We are an educational institute.
No Thanks! we don’t need illustrations of attractive girls exposing skin. We are an educational institute.

Here is a bonus picture for your carefree mind; be careful not to use them to design an advertisement for an educational product, they maybe alright for a skin-cream or beauty products that offer wrinkle-free skin but may not work for educational products company like us:

This blog is Free and will always remain Free until you stop reading and don’t post your comments. Keep having fun in the classroom at T.r.i.c.k.s for learning English for better communication, get the maximum return… that’s NOT Free!

Finally, would you like to wear the T-shirt below if it is given free: after you pass-out from T.r.i.c.k.s and are able to Speak well in English (Caution: I may need to hike-up the fee that we charge our students 🙂 )

speak-up-speak-out--large-t-shirt Tricks


6 thoughts on “This blog is absolutely free… will always be… do you have some free time to read?

  1. Yes, sir i have some free time to read……in our daily
    life we all have some ‘FREE’ time…but we are unable to utilize it.
    I want to write some answers of above questions.
    Yes, he read the questions very carefully.
    I gained much amount of knowledge in T.R.I.C.K.S.
    Sorry,i can’t allow you to use my mobile.
    Yes, you can send him a formal mail he will not mind it.
    The status of my assignment is not really good.
    Yes, there are lot of stars in the sky today.
    The lead actor of ‘TAARE ZAMEEN PAR’ is’ AAMIR KHAN’.
    Sorry, i did not have any visiting card with me,but you can call me anytime.


  2. Simple Sentences using prepositions and adjectives:
    When I reached to my friend’s home, I saw a beautiful doll in her home putted lying on the table and in front of the T.V. which was made by woolen yarn and gifted by her mother. Her doll is very lovely and qurious cute. when she has goesne to college, she always takes her doll in the bag. I thought about her doll during the breakfast. Doll’s hair was are curly, eyes very small, it has short hands and beautiful smile.


  3. Questions:
    Do you know about the Mahabharata?
    What do you think on your studies?
    Does he read the questions carefully?
    Does she take a cup of coffee in the morning?
    How much knowledge have you gained?
    May I use your mobile?
    May I send a formal mail to him?
    where are is your college?
    when did they come back to India?
    Who is has written the story of “Kal Ho Na Ho”?
    What is the name of that fellow who teachs the English?
    What is the status of your assignment?
    are there stars in the sky today?
    Where are is your native place and favorite place in India?
    What are they doing there?
    What is the last line in the song of “Soon raha hai na tu”?
    who is the lead actor of “Tare Jami pe”?
    Do you have any kinds of your visiting card with you?


    • Good Savita that you have written so many right sentences… please speak them up in the class. Minor correction done for you and others to learn from your mistakes.

      keep responding and you will get in one month for what others may take 2-3 months. all the best to you to speak good English. You also did well in the speaking practice today!


  4. wow! Now I am become* free to leave comments here..FREE is word which is sometimes create troublesome…so avoid any form of freebies .i seldom use take free tuition classes and here my semester exam is coming next month still i am carefree about my career…yet i have completed my BTech third year but i have no freedom to do any job…on this stage of life every body want leave to live tension free and generally searches for a noise free environment but wherever i go there is no peace .it is only to say Delhi is NOT a pollution free city..

    (Ashish: some corrections done)

    *’have become’ or ‘am’
    you don’t use tuition you take tuition
    #everybody is singular so verb should be’searches’ NOT ‘search’


    • Good usage of a simple word ‘free’ in your comment. A better word which has similar meaning is ‘Complementary’. Now what are opposites or antonyms of ‘free’: it can be ‘busy’ or ‘charged’ or ‘occupied’ or ‘chargeable’ Can you make a para using all these words.

      See the small grammatical corrections done. The vocabulary mistake is in the use of ‘leave’ where you wanted to say ‘live’. It changes the whole meaning. Be careful!


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