Learning is fun… Have fun as you learn English!

Under this Post you can share your Jokes or interesting stuff like funny pictures, cartoons and Videos (it takes time to upload a video so you can just share the link).  Students who want to practice writing skills can write any funny incidents you had at T.r.i.c.k.s  you may also speak them out in the class…… Have fun as you post them!

How much truth in the above statement? Is Learning Really Fun !?
How much truth in the above statement? Is Learning Really Fun !?

 (please do state the source in case it is copy-right stuff)

My favorite comics to get dose of English humor:

A) When I was at school:  I would smile to myself while looking at Peanuts : Snoopy, Charlie Brown are timeless characters to grow-up with; We had good laugh with Archie comics: the eating habits of Jug-head, fights between Betty and Veronica. It sure is some feminine stuff but fun nevertheless. I had also loved to read Garfield – the fat cat and the comic strips popularized by the  Times of India.

B) When I went to collage: I shifted my interest towards more satirical MAD-magazine, the fun portions of The Reader’s Digest and who can live in India without the troubles of R K Laxman’s Common Man.  Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson became my favorite thought provoking funny characters while I appreciated the detailing of Mario de Miranda. I also saw ‘Mind your Language’ and instantly liked the fun in an English Language Class! In Flintstones we the fun in a non-functional american family.

C) When I began to work : I got my gags from Scot Adams- Dilbert comics after a day@work or ‘showing that I am busy!’. BBC’s ‘Yes Minister’ helped me with Business English used by the British and I learned how to say ‘yes’ that actually means a ‘No’ thanks to Sir Nigel Hathwmore. I did watch the silent shows from Chalie Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy but only a little.  Mr. Bean’s simple stupidity can make anyone have a great laugh. I did have my share of fun i.e. LOL – without thinking too much.

I hope that in using videos once every-week in my class: ‘Mind your Language’, ‘Extra English’ and ‘Yes Minister’ on data-projector and usage of some cartoons, poems like -The Chaos or English jokes.  I am exposing my students to enough fun of learning the English Language 😀

Do share what is the latest in the world of English comedy… Have fun as you Learn….In fact Learning itself is Fun! 


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