Are you ready to face the Interview- with a smile… Mock interview?

Are you Confident to face a job interview?

Are you confident to face the Interview board?
Are you confident to face the Interview board?

Even if you are 90% prepared to face the board; I suggest to all my students to take at least one mock interview- which is as tough as the real one. The tougher the mock interview the better it is for your preparation for the Real one.

Some tips when you appear for the MOCK at T.r.i.c.k.s Personality Development Center:

  • Prepare as good as you would prepare for the Real interview.
  • Wear a tie, full sleeve shirt  for men and formal clothes or business attire for women
  • Have a look at the Job-description (suggest it to the interviewer that close to real JD for your kind of roles is used even for Mock)
  • Carry your updated CV
  • Do read the newspaper of that day and be up to date on current affairs
  • Have Latest information on your hobbies and interests (e.g. you can’t say I like to watch cricket and not be updated with what’s happening in IPL or T-20)
  • Reach on time so that you don’t have the need to give excuses right in the beginning, respect the time of the interviewer. Even with smartness to be able to give excuses in fluent English, regularity counts. (call the interviewer if you are getting late!)
  • Be confident with your English and speak it with ease and smile on your face.

Who is best positioned to take your Mock interview?

Anyone who is senior than you in terms of experience – so that you will respect his/her feedback. It is good if he/she understands your industry and can ask you really tough questions. Knows what kind of questions are being asked by the people in HR. Is updated with the terms used by the Interviewers in communication rounds. Has the ability to give candid and constructive feedback on all the aspects of your communication. Can give you minimum of 20 minutes of focused one-to-one time for the with no interference or distractions. Getting 10 minutes of time for feedback would be just fine. You can also request for a written feedback as well (if your mentor has this time)

Real Feedback and telling you where you lack and can improve is the real worth of a Mock Interview. Its best to note down the feedback that you get.  Switch-on the recorder on your mobile or make written notes.

All the best for your MOCKs and the REAL ones that follow!


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