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It is indeed fast age and we want information and facts at the click of a button and ‘google for it’. Even the Knowledge or Gyan we want fast and don’t want to pay for it. There are also times when we don’t know what we are looking for so the term came-up as ‘surfing the net’  you can also do it on this Blog where you are just  do ‘the activity of moving from one post to another post within this blog’ and stop to read or around when you find something interesting this can some useful information. You sometime add a page to your favorites or book-mark it, like something or follow it. The choice is entirely yours… You also do micro-blogging or social networking (I also have my facebook page and Linkedin profile) You can also share it with friends to earn some ‘brownie points’ in my class 🙂

Site Index of:
Site Index of:

WE expect you to find some interesting stuff  everyday for you to read and you may comment as you get the confidence to share your views. If you are keen to Learn to Speak in English with Confidence and Ease you could Follow this Blog by typing your email id. in the Follow-us window.  We will send you the updates on this blog- as they happen. You may be preparing for any Interview or stepping-up your communication skills. The Blog has something in store for you (use the search feature on the top-right corner).

Knowledge or Gyan in the Posts on this Blog is absolutely free – it always will be.  (We only charge for the skills that we impart!)

To make it Simple; I list all the Posts in the form of a catalog; the ‘Key words’ or Tags that are associated with this Posts and Category under which you will find it. This Site Index is updated as on: 9th Sept. 2013 (will be updated weekly) Here is a listing of most useful articles written by Mr. Ashish Khurana – Master Trainer at T.r.i.c.k.s

This blog now has 46 followers and  36 comments (can be seen on the Posts):

1 Do you think you can GET SELECTED by ‘Cramming’ a few interview questions? if yes, How Many will you do? How much time will it take? 

  • Find it under:  Learn2Converse, Get Selected –  Posted on 12 October 2013Must Read 
  • Key words: Cramming, Interview preparation, Time to prepare, Knowledge Jobs, First Impression to an Interviewer, Questions that can be asked, Standard Answers, Common Sense approach, How much English is needed, Dressing and Addressing others, Confidence, Don’t pay money, Tips for getting hired.

2 ‘Hesitation Removal’ OR rather ‘Confidence Building’ as a part of Conversation in English program. Yes, it’s a bonus from our experts. – Sticky

  • Find it under: Conversations, Get Selected
  • Key words: Can Do statements, Confidence building, Conversation fillers, Find the solution not look at the problem, Fluency development can be done in 2-3 months, Henry Ford’s quotations to inspire us, Learn new things everyday, Remove Hesitation to speak with strangers,  How to do Practice.

3 Interestingly, its the ‘linking words’ and not conversational ‘fillers’ that make you a better communicator!

  • Find it under: Conversations, Grammar, Get Selected
  • Key Words: Fluency, Connected speech, Longer sentences, Conversation fillers or Filler words, Developing Fluency, learn conjunction relative pronouns, Linking words for any situation, speak in good English

4 Confidence Counts more than Speaking Fast: Can you Speak without Filler words?

  • Find it under: Conversations
  • Key words: Avoid: like, you know, really, actually, basically; Conversation fillers, Filler words to avoid. It is not good english

5 Participate in a Poll: Confidence Building or Removing Hesitation

  • Find it under: Conversations, About Us . Objective:  Gathering Feedback from Students. Few Questions
  • Key Words: Confidence building, Removing hesitation, What do I need, Free Assessment, Feedback form, Poll on what most people lack.

Note for New Students: Take a free assessment of your current Level : offer extended till Nov. 2013.

It is free till Nov. 2013. Takes 15-20 minutes. Contact the reception
It free Assessment only till Nov. 2013. It takes 20 minutes. Contact the reception

2 thoughts on “Find what you are looking for:Site Map of tricks4english blog

  1. sir, I think we must be improvement remove our hesitation and filler words for fluent English speaking. After reading this blog i reached on that point, speaking practice is must to remove the hesitation and filler words. This blog is the most important ‘source of knowledge’ for all of the learners. I like this blog!
    Thank you


    • I agree with your observation: You must do some practice of ‘linking words’ today. Particularly – the most common ones like: but, while, whereas, when, where, who, when, what, that, whatever, wherever, whenever, as, so etc.. avoid overuse of because.

      You are a good learner Savita and learn through all the methods reading-listening-seeing-doing. I very well visualize that you will be a fluent speaker and a good content writer as you continue.

      keep up the good work!


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