Topic for discussion: Online Vs Offline Publicity which one is better…

Content Marketing/online publicity Vs Traditional publicity/Print media: where to spend the money


For the purpose of this Group Discussion; Assume that you are Marketing Manager of T.r.i.c.k.s or any educational/skill development center …. all of you have good business experience or are MBAs/Engineers so should be able to contribute in this conversation.

I will give you the brief through this post and during the class discussion support both the online and offline teams with real-life facts. I will keep correcting your language so that you communicate better ‘others understand what you want to convey’… look forward to a great dialogue!  

Content Marketing Quick Stats

Discussion brief for the Online Side: Have a look at the graphic above from Visual-ly and also understand the basic economics (or back of the envelope) calculation of the amount of cash it takes to be popular in with content marketing in B2C space (where individual student makes the choice). Do we understand it enough..should we spend more on ‘online promotion’ for an institute like T.r.i.c.k.s- if we think that we have good content?

Express your views on,  How much money do we need to do things like- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media or shall we go for Google Ads – Pay Per click?  How risky it is? Does this Blog or our website has quality content to share it with the world? Is the info. valuable enough on Learning English’? How much it will help us to get clicks, likes or conversions?  Has it got any chances of going viral or do we have to very lucky? – What is future if no money is put and we keep doing it good-will basis?  What more do we do such that people share it out: our students and well-wishers…

Brief for the print media side:  you may suggest that we spend more on Traditional Publicity -put more posters, hoardings, banners, distributes leaflets, put newspaper inserts or go for print advertisement, get listed in a yellow-page directory, do SMS campaign etc. Since this is Local and can be easily focused on NOIDA only, we may need to consider it quite seriously. The masses still don’t have access to the web or the internet or it maybe cluttered with too much of entertainment stuff that and educational or skill development message gets lost. It has been a proven method for decades. I am sure you can build your argument here as well…

You may give your views on: Where do you want to spend the cash  and how much is the expected return how many Banners, Hoarding and Glow-signs?  Shall we do it along with the on-line bits? What is the least that’s required so that people find us?  What are the empty places? How do we get most out of every rupee? Do we have a full-time marketing person who is on the ground and close to the market?

Have a look the graphics below again from Visual-ly:

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing

Some pointers for the team leaders: Argue your case well, substantiate it with facts and figures, allow everyone to speak anyone can have a good idea. hear the other side so that you can respond to their concerns. Try to build a common ground, set some objectives and reach a conclusion in 30-45 min.

Who would bring the topic for next discussion?


One thought on “Topic for discussion: Online Vs Offline Publicity which one is better…

  1. Teams for discussing GD topic: Traditional Vs Online Publicity

    7.30 pm evening batch: Gaurav could moderate this discussion while the teams are equally divided.

    In the morning batch: Avinash T to Lead the discussion on the off-line side and Deepak to lead the online side (I will assign team members to you both)


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