Expressing condolence with sympathy messages

There is a Lot to Learn from this post “Expressing condolence with a sympathy message” by a fellow blogger Joane on wordpress. It’s useful to read the entire post for Intermediate and Advanced English Students. I am re-blogging it with thanks to Joane on behalf of all of us.

We will discuss it in the class: How and where to use ….note down key words and sentences as suggested.

Today we observe 2-minute silence for the loss of Manna Dey – a melodious voice, classical singer and a wonderful person!

Has anyone heard excellent recitation of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachhan’s Madhu-shala done by him?…. I had it in a audio cassette form for my car- stereo, a long time ago and would often listen to it – a masterpiece!

May the departed soul rest in peace.

Your Tributes To Those You've Lost

When you heard the news of the sudden death of a friend’s family member or any colleague’s near ones then immediately you feel to pass condolence with sympathy messages. Some people prefer to express it personally by attending the funeral and some like to send it in a written way in the form of mail, letter or a text message. Whatever your way of expression is, you must learn how to say sympathy words in an appropriate method. The first and the most important thing to remember is that when writing sympathy messages or expressing them you must be sincere with the right words that are kind and are like sharing grief. The right words express your sincerity and closeness to the deceased person. To express some genuine sympathy words that prove you are sharing grief with the family.

Keep the content simple and direct

The content of sympathy messages…

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