I will learn good English; Whatever it takes…

In today’s post under our ‘Connect the Dots’ Series we have CTD #3: Let’s Learn the usage of  some words ending with ” -ever” these are: Whatever, Whenever, Whoever, Wherever, Whichever.

However, I continue to emphasize that after reading this post, You should make 2-3 sentences of your own in whatever situations you feel they can come in handy for your dialogue with others. They can be used in many situations.

Usage of Whatever, Whoever, Whenever; Whenever you need it!

We have all seen ” To Whomsoever it May Concern’ written on top of our character certificates and some legally written documents that are addressed to no one in particular. What it means is: it does not matter who reads it.

By now, you know the usage of what, when, who, where and which as question framing words and also as linking words.  Here is the meaning along with 2-2 examples of Whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever:

Whatever = anything or everything; regardless of what (thing)

  • Whatever you do, don’t forget your wife’s birthday.
  • Don’t get upset whatever your mother gives you an advice.

Whenever = every time; at any time; regardless of when (time)

  • Whenever we organize a picnic it rains.
  • Please don’t interrupt me whenever I start to speak.

Wherever = everywhere; no matter where; regardless of where (Location)

  • Wherever you go you’ll always find someone who speaks good English.
  • She’ll be happy wherever she decides to live.

Whichever = the person or thing which; no matter which; regardless of which (thing or person)

  • Wear whichever clothes are the most comfortable.
  • Take whichever tie you want.

Whoever = the person who; regardless of who (person)

  • Whoever comes with you to the center is welcome.
  • Whoever took the book from the library didn’t return it.

We understood that When we want to emphasize something does not matter we use ‘-ever’ at the end of certain words. Now take this quiz on BBC Learning English. Now, You make 2-3 sentences for each one of the above using examples as above or your own sentence structure. Bring them to me if you are doubtful; Speak-up if you are confident.

Remember, Your promise to yourself “I will learn good English, whatever it takes” !

Yes, it does take some practice before you write or speak with confidence and ease… please DO post your comments and questions on this post whatever they maybe; whenever you have time; wherever from you want to; for whichever ‘phrase’ you are unclear. I don’t mind whoever reads it.

PS: Usage of ‘However’ is done while comparing or contrasting… we will learn that in the Linking words class (if not done already)


12 thoughts on “I will learn good English; Whatever it takes…

  1. you can take any pen whatever you like most. And I can help you to pack into gift rap to whomever you want to gift. Although we can also deliver wherever you want. But you have to pay extra charges whichever we add in your bill already.
    Whenever you come to Delhi meet me. Whoever come with you doesn’t matter me. However I miss you some time whenever I walk in park at late night. I don’t care whatever you do with others I care only that how you treat me.


  2. I am punctual in my class despite whatever the hindrance i face on the way. I told my friend to buy any shirt whichever (you) he/she likes. whosoever, shows me the shirts, I will buy as per my friend’s preference. The shop has a gift for any one whoever comes first in shop. My friend advised me not to forget (your) my interview on friday wherever you go.

    Just some small corrections and added a linking word ‘despite’ it can also be ‘inspite of’ …. please pay little attention on reported speech (part of advanced program)…. When your friend tells ‘me’; I remain ‘me’, ‘my’ or ‘mine’ (depends) in the above sentence it can be ‘the’ or ‘his’ interview as well… the meaning changes. Ashish


  3. “Don’t forget your friends, whatever you do.
    you can share with me whatever you want.”

    (Ashish’s Note: This reply is from Kranti – my Evening Batch student of GET SELECTED program)

    Hi Avinash, It’s been a Long time that I have seen your smiling face :-)… do drop by for a cup of tea!
    Hope you are using the English Conversation Skills that you gained at T.r.i.c.k.s – NOIDA
    All the best to you for success in life as a great salesman!


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