Describe this Picture

Activity: Try to Describe this Picture: You have 1 min.

“Describe The Picture” or DTP is a useful activity for an English Learner at Basic/Intermediate Level. It is asked in many interviews. This easy to understand the natural speech and thinking of a person. Doing this as practice in the class helps you compose simple sentences on what you see and what you interpret. You should generally use ‘Simple present’ and ‘Present Continuous’ tenses… In this series I will post or invite suggestions for 10 pictures of varied nature – to give my students some variety. Here is DTP #1 for the class presentation. Think for 2-3 minutes before you speak!

Picture#1 for DTP

We have ‘Mr. Nicolus Parsons’ from Just-a-minute BBC Radio.

4 thoughts on “Describe this Picture

  1. 1…sympathy is greater than gold….
    2…platinum is the cheapest material in the world….
    3…gold is cheaper than silver….
    4…I am the most intelligent student in this class….
    5…Tricks spoken class is the best class in noida sec 15….
    6…Mohan is fatter than sohan….
    7…oil is lighter than water….
    8…Rajendra Prasad is greater than all leader in India…


    • Pranay,

      Note the corrections: More greater

      Please remember that you use one of the following 2:
      1. use ‘more’ where the comparative form of the adjective with ‘er’ in the end is not possible like in ‘intelligent’ sentence no. 4
      2. ‘more’ is not required with comparative form of the adjective: Cheaper, Fatter, greater, lighter etc.

      Do the same with Most: ‘the Most Best’ is wrong… ‘the Best’ is sufficient it means ‘better than all the rest’

      Students of BASIC: make and speak sentences to Compare two types of Cars or movies or restaurants…


  2. @Deepak, Good description! a few points to add to my feedback: 1) Good part of this exercise is that you can describe what you see and as you understand it.. you did it very well; 2) Try to make 10-12 sentences when you are given a minute to speak. 3) the sentences may have nothing to do with the actual facts. for example: You can also say… “I don’t recognize- who is the person standing with a microphone, in this picture’.

    Overall: I give you 5 out of 10 plus one bonus mark for being the 1st person to describe this picture…

    Note: People practicing for IELTS – this exercise is almost always part of the speaking English test. the examiner is checking ‘clear construction of simple sentences’


  3. I think, this is BBC Radio annual function in company office. A person is addressing company’s employees. this person looks like a senior member of the company, as i can see, maybe he is announcing company policies for next year. at the back of this person you can see the company logo, some chairs and a table


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