To be a STAR even SRK requires a trainer, what about you?

Do you aspire to be Shah Rukh Khan of your chosen field? You still sure require a Trainer or a Coach like Prannoy Roy . or maybe someone to guide you or just inspire or motivate. Don’t you?


Ability to communicate with other people is vital for all  the professionals be it Engineers, Managers, Lawyers, Architects, Entrepreneurs. All the Leaders or Stars performers have one thing in common. They communicate well!

Communication has many aspects verbal and non-verbal and it starts with Language Skills in English goes on to Body Language or the way you carry yourself, what personality you portray and finally it comes to image management so that you continue to get ‘young boy’s’ roles even past 40.

Did you see the interview of SRK with Dr. Prannoy Roy on NDTV in August 2013,… here is it for the refresher on ‘How he Copes with failure and handles rejection’. In the same interview he acknowledges the Role played by his mentors, trainers and media personalities like Dr. Roy as also God. Watch the whole episode on the NDTV website. You can also read the transcript to understand a celerity interview (How much we learn from it in our English Class!) .

Everyone needs someone to correct his/her mistakes and an encouragement to do better. Lets see what are the Roles a Teacher or Trainer can play in your life to make you a STAR in your profession. Besides teacher, trainer and Coach, the list of people who help us grow goes on to include instructor, facilitator, mentor, lecturer, professor, guide, master, idol, motivator, guru… god. In my view, the essential difference comes down to two key questions:

  • What is the subject : is it knowledge or some life skill;

    • To Learn Language Skills you would need a Trainer while a teacher can give you knowledge on physics or history. A Trainer gets you to See, Listen, Read and Speak so that you Learn and also corrects your mistakes when you speak. An instructor would help you do the lab experiments and in the field to tell you how you can ‘kick the ball’ etc.. A facilitator will make you available the things that you need to learn including set-up of the right environment encourages participation. You may figure out the rest.
  • How much is the requirement of inspiration: is the participation voluntary or is there some kind of compulsion

    • To Learn a new language you definitely require motivation from time to time. You have to take inspiration from someone and sometimes it dips particularly when you are not able to ‘do something right’. The coach role has to step in at this stage to inspire you to continue to practice, to help you discover your strengths as a learner and to make you realize that ‘you can do it’

I have chosen to be a Trainer for English Language Skills and then a Coach for Personality Development or image building for career professionals.

I love to Train and Coach professionals who really want to Learn the skills in order to do better in life. They usually come with a solid objective to Learn English and/or a corrective requirement so that they develop communication skills. I am not an Academic English Teacher. Most of my students generally have a famous personality -who inspires them…. So, who Inspires you the most to have better communication skills?
While you become the ‘King Khan’ of your profession, I am happy being a trainer and a coach (when you need me)  

In my next post, we will discuss ‘How many people know that you are Learning English” It is like a new year resolution or change of some habits!


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