Conversations beyond words… Speak the Language of the Heart!

When you do Conversation with Natural Speakers – you need to speak better

…Stretch yourself ‘Beyond Words’ and convey the meaning better.

Speak the Language of your Heart

 What is Speaking Beyond Words or from the heart?

Don’t Read or Memorize word-to-word

In a class Role-play : avoid reading from the screen. Don’t bother to cram or memorize speeches and trying to say them verbatim (word-for-word) in interviews; examiners will usually spot this without too much difficulty and mark you down for it. It is very hard to do this and sound natural.

Do think over your answers before you begin to speak 

Even if the questions sound simple and are about yourself. This an opportunity for interviewer to get a general picture of your language level, especially your ability to talk about past, present and future experiences, so run these thing over in your mind and try to include corresponding verb forms accordingly.

Don’t try to say everything 

If you are asked to talk about or describe a picture or a scene, don’t get stuck up on trying to describe every detail as you see it. Instead, be prepared to speak in general terms about it and how the theme affects you. Start with a good statement and end it with summary e.g. I can really see what you want to convey in this picture –> 

See the Facial Expressions as well as hand movements when you Listen to natural or good speakers of English. The use the the Language to express feelings and emotions (as we did in our words for feeling class) but remember it definitely goes ‘beyond words’

We will talk about Body Language, Intonation and Modulation sometime later…. stay tuned! 

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