Steve Jobs -his inspiring words “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”

Steve surely spoke with a lot of experience…when he said these ‘often quoted’ words to Stanford University Students. Let’s interpret what it could mean for us in Leaning English. Um! Okay!…I stay with ‘what they have meant to me’ 

Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

This expression or usage of 4 simple words from Steve Jobs- CEO APPLE, PIXAR ANIMATION; convey different meanings to different people.

The quote is inspiring though at a first glance the words seem negative: Hungry, Foolish….

(to a person insisting on translation..)

Don’t you agree with me?

His words have stayed with us while the person who said has moved on. What did he mean? To remain Hungry or Foolish for what?

(He said them in his Stanford University commencement speech). 

I was perplexed by Steve Jobs’ quotation “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” when I first read it; Over the years, I have gained much appetite to ponder over interesting quotes and some foolishness to express it 🙂


Here is my understanding:

To me ‘Stay Hungry’ means

  • Hungry for Knowledge….so stay Curious
  • Hungry for Success… stay Motivated
  • Hungry for Adventure…so stay ‘in the game’ 

Stay intellectually hungry – Ask questions, keep learning. Don’t be satisfied with limited success, keep walking on the chosen path. Don’t lose the appetite for new things. Stay emotionally hungry, seek friends. Stay hungry for growth, seek stress for success.Stay spiritually hungry, seek truth!

‘Stay Foolish’ has meant

  • Taking risks in life to follow my heart.
  • Not worrying about what people talk behind my back to be myself.
  • Being open to change to learn new things     (…like using technology in the class-room, digital media to write this blog; and Smiles 😀 )

Thinking of new ideas and to implement them. Being willing to fall, smile as I get up to walk further. Accepting my mistakes and owning them to then correct them. Not taking myself too seriously to be able to laugh at myself!

I wonder if “Keep Learning, Keep Having fun” could be a better tag-line for T.r.i.c.k.s or shall we stay with “Let’s connect the dots” I will talk about it in my next post…. till then, have Fun!

***********************************end of the post********************************************************************************


Students (of Advanced/Go Global) who may want to go little deep in grammar: I have used some Gerunds: It is a Verb form (with ‘ing’ ending -generally) that can function as a Noun…. please identify them (Note: the sentence or phrase in this case will not convey to be in: present continuous or progressive tense) Don’t worry if you are not able to… we will discuss them in the class!

Students interested in Public Speaking and working on Active Vocabulary or expressions as they are used by natural speakers of English: understand the different meaning that the speaker wishes to convey beyond the first (literal) meaning of Hunger and Foolish. Don’t relay on translation. Listen to the complete speech given by Steve Jobs – we will discuss it in the class!


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